Help me make a Dawnish character!


Tristrams deceased mothers house is now called Cairleon. I’ve filled in the character creator.

Thanks everyone for helping me make him! I look forward to meeting you all on the field!

I won’t paste the version of his story that finally got submitted here is it includes both a list of his secrets and a list of secrets (that he is unaware of) of the house.

The GF was wondering if anyone would suggest stats for her. Other than being able to save Ts life she wants to use a shield, and kick ass as a combat focused character!


What armour will she be wearing?

Shield + hero points + stay with me + cleave would give her a combat capable shield user with the ability to either use hero points offensively or shout people back to health. (dramatic shouting at people to save their life is one of the most fun skills ever imho)

That would leave her with 2 xp still to spend, which could go on more hero points, more heroic skills or maybe Chirurgeon is she wanted to be able to perform basic first aid to the wounded on the battlefield.


Personally I’d take Chireurgeon over Stay with Me as it can be used more often and lets you focus those hero points on Cleaving your foes.

It also means with 2 points open that after the first event played (when an extra XP is awarded) you have enough to buy Physick if she gets really enamoured/intrigued with the healing game, can double her starting hero points if she wants to be more combat focused or could even go sideways and pick up Magician or Dedication if once hitting the field those games appeal.


What armour will she be wearing?

  • we haven’t finished putting it together; It’ll be a combination of leather and chainmail- hopefully covering enough to be heavy armour.

I’ll suggest both your and @Ricohard s stats to her tonight! If we don’t spend all of our hero points are we able to spend them during the day? (do you go to the GOD tent?) and if so do you then get to use them, or do you have to wait?


Personally I’d go Physik, Shield Use as the core, and aim to add a hero skill after an event

It means you can’t take heroic abilities till after the first event, but honestly I’ve been a front line combatant many times with just those skills.

  1. It pretty much means she can save T from most common battlefield things, that broken leg can effectively kill you as easily as getting knocked down to 0 hits (because it’s getting cut off that kills you.)
  2. It’s one of the most fun healing abilities, because you get to treat Traumatic Wounds


To clarify: Experience is what you buy skills with (you start with 8 and gain 1 after you’re 1st and 3rd events in a year.

Hero Points are something your character has (think of them as fighting mana they fuel certain fighting skills).

If you don’t spend all your experience you can change this during an event at god’s computers to use them immediately.


There has been a recurring question of what is Una doing while you joined that army.
Maybe she joined up too, but to a different army? Combat healers are essential for fighting, and the gender neutral setting makes her as likely to sign up as you.

You may want to point her towards Anvil Hospital if she wants to get deep into the healing game - last game they did an OC session on Friday afternoon to meet new players.


(talks with the GF)

Una saw a vision of Tristrams death on a battlefield after returning from the war. She has hence studied healing medicine and fighting with the goal of saving him in that eventuality.

In DnD terms she wants to be a multiclass fighter/preist or possibly a paladin.


can i borrow the blue and white tunic for E3? (nearer the event reminder)


I’m really curious how this story pans out!


Massive thanks to everyone who has contributed! I think we could never have made characters this good without your help! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Una has now been built on the PD website, and we’ve finished the costumes! (for now)

Una now has skills (Endurance, Chirugeon, Physick; and sheild if our homemade sheilds get through weapons check), her resource is now a herb garden; and her armour is most likely going to count as medium - you can see in the photos below her wearing leather and chain-mail.

Quick question: Apothecary sounds amazing! The GFs main concern with the physick skill set is that you can’t heal yourself - but the ability to make potions that you can sell and take yourself that have the same effects as herbs (or better) sound amazing! What is being an apothecary like in the game?

(here are some photos of her looking beautiful and me looking squinty in yesterdays summer sun)

The shields are here. Mine is on the left and hers is on the right. They are foam over MDF with a sheet glued onto them, painted with wilko cheep paints.

On the front there is about 7mm of foam in front of the mdf- and 10cm between the bottom edge and the point. They are painted with cheep wilko paints. If i get some time to make a stencil - i’ll make a nice dawnish yellow sun (would this one be about right?) for the upper right quadrant.

My last mission is to sort out camping for us. Currently our friendship group is two beds short - this is in part my fault on insisting on being dawn. How much of a faux pas would it be if Una slept with our Wintermark friends? (they have one spare bed) If that wouldn’t be terrible I’m going to look around for a cheep one man tent that i can use in the OC area.

Are there any other pieces of advice you think we should have before the event?


Sleeping in another camp is fine. Work out if it’s IC or OC; either works, but if it’s an IC arrangement, make sure you know why she’s sleeping with Markers!

For the next event, ensure you bring sunscreen and a waterskin for each of you!


Being an apothecary is… a mixed bag.

There are a lot of them about, so finding someone who can make the more common potions is rarely a problem. There’s also a degree to which it feels a bit like a ‘vending machine’ (take herbs to GOD, receive lammies) rather than an RP opportunity as there’s no compulsion to incorporate ‘appropriate rp’ the same way as other skills.

That said, there are opportunities to jump on plot - the recent Bite drama, for example, felt very much like something apothecaries took hold of and ran with in terms of investigating what it was, where it came from and how we could deal with it.

I’m massively biased, being a Hospital Member and now a Nation Rep, but the community around being a physick / healer is one of the best bits of the game.

The Apothecary and Alchemist’s Guild is also a thing now, and that’s cool.


So one of the main things about Apothecary is that unless you try there isn’t much roleplay in using the skill, and if provided with herbs one apothecary can provide the potions for multiple groups. Since once a potion has been made anyone can use it. With her hybrid Fighter/Healer build I wouldn’t advise it.

Since you are coming in with connections to Carsenere anyway, if she would like some potions made up, she can probably sort that out by just asking our apothecary.

It’s worth pointing out that typically there are multiple physiks even on skirmishes, and we tend to look after each other first (If you heal up the physik that increases how well you can heal everyone else.) Not being able to heal yourself isn’t as terrible as it might seem.

That Sun would definitely work, my personal rule is any heraldic sun without a face. :stuck_out_tongue:

On kit, if you could get some more colourful trousers, that would make it seem more Dawn, but otherwise a strong look for both of you.


That looks pretty good! Nice kit, worn well. You may want a touch more colour, especially for out of armour, but that’s great for a first event :slight_smile:

Where are the swords from? They look injection-moulded…


We got them from a local shop; googling around doesn’t seem to help (The Gfs one, is called excalibur- and someone is selling on ebay here, mine is called holy grail and i can’t find it on the internet)

My guess is that they’ve come from Alibaba. They are fairly soft - I’ve been hit in the face an awful lot with the GFs sword in particular, and only really got hurt when she stabbed me in the trachea.

(rather than originally planning to larp we bought these both as part of Halloween costumes and so we could do fencing without having to travel to another town for the nearest club)

If they don’t get through weapons check, as we’re poor students (and I’ve blown several months budgets on this already) are we likely to be able to borrow weapons from other people?


Injection moulded weaponry is great when it works, but if there’s any flaws in it, then it may well fail the weapons check. Happened to me with a dagger, I was quite miffed.

You could probably borrow a weapon from other folks in Dawn, and if you’re particularly attentive, you may be able to jump on the free-cycle of Lost Property at the event…


There are rarely weapons in the freecycle, and when there are, they’re daggers or broken. And it takes place at the end of the event. This is not an option to rely on.


Fair point, I usually miss it myself.

Better to ask other Dawnish if they can pack a spare, just in case then :stuck_out_tongue:


I imagine you’ve read this, but just in case (and for anyone else who hasn’t)