Help me make a Dawnish character!


Thanks for your help everyone! I’ll be at E3 as of this evening! I’d love to thank you all in person :slight_smile:


And now E3 is over.

Tristram and Una made their field debut, and I think I saw you on the battlefield as well.

The costumes were great, very much on point, looking suitably Dawnish.

How did it all go? Do you feel all this prep was worth it? What have your learnt? Do you think you’ll be sticking with these characters?

And where will you go from here…? :slight_smile:


Considering all the Drama they caused in de Carsenere at the start of the event, and how keen he sounded on the car ride back (Turns out he is based in Coventry atm so I gave him a lift.)

I think they might have had an okay event.


Yes, I want to hear what happened!


I loved it; it was one of the best weekends of my life. I consider you all on this forum friends so I’ll put in more biographical detail here than elsewhere (also my profile has neither my name nor my face).

I was raised one of Jehovahs Witnesses- this meant that aside from not having birthdays or Christmases I also wasn’t allowed toy swords or guns- and was expected to live perfectly by the morals of turning the other cheek from the year dot (a positive aside is that my lego knights were allowed to have lego swords, my best friends lego knights were initially not – but then his mum relaxed in part because of my mums influence).

Knightly fiction, was the most tremendous release form that. CS Lewis explains this well as a knight being the strange union of two conflicting modes of being- the violent warrior, and the polite and kind courtier. More than that I loved Mallory, and the pearl poet (and before I read them, the children s versions of their works I found in the school library) because they showed these characters with unachievable ideals, muddling through the complexity of life.

Mallory in Le Morte d’Arthur sets up various parallels between Arthur and Herod; Mordred and Jesus; and although Merlin has been baptized – it is still unclear whether his powers come from God, the devil or the combination of the two. In a sense what Mallory is doing is like the builders of a cathedral – he digs deep down into the mud and grime of existence to build something beautiful but finite; each character becomes like a gothic arch – a broken curve that points upwards to the majesty of the heavens.

As a result as a child what I wanted to be most when I grew up was a knight. To ride through the countryside doing good, and finally to die tragically, for a noble but lost cause.

Once I had got over the awkwardness of pretending to be a character I had only thought through 20%, I loved it – because the game fulfilled that childhood dream.

I now realize I have spent all the time I meant to spend writing about E3 discussing my childhood, and half millennia old books- but in my next post I’ll, stay on point more.


We’re happy to hear it, don’t worry - congrats on what sounds like a great event! Fantastic that you got to fulfil such a long-time dream :slight_smile:


@mcgonigle helped me connect the story to various houses in play and then made me a letter, from Aramis de Videre, the knight who went on to found his house, Carsenere, to Tristrams aunt alluding to the events that lead to him rescuing Tristrams mother and aunt; without really explaining them.
When I arrived on the field, I took this to the Videre earl, who was suitably annoyed by it. Chaos and and a sequence of duels ensued, until T was bleeding out on the glory square. At this point U saved him.

^@mcgonigle pointed out that with the chance of a Sunday battle, it might be better to have them reunited earlier.

However U was annoyed- so sent T on a quest to obtain her forgiveness – to kill 10 orcs in her name.

Saturday was less eventful, I enjoyed monstering (I got a magic sword as an orc), and I made lots of friends.

The week before I had sprained my right wrist. So in battle, I lost control of my sword in various ways- sometimes being to week to parry, at other times being overcome by this momentum and failing at pulling blows – I feel bad for anyone I hurt, and I’ll happily buy apology beer for anyone who I bashed.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed orcing. I killed a few players- and was disappointed when they were abandoned by their countrymen- next time I might focus more on scaring them than killing them.
I think that afternoon I fought in the bridge battle with the marchers. It was good fun – but I struggled to parry halberd/spear blows so was bested fairly soon.

I tried to get on skirmishes, but didn’t quite meet the right people at the right time- in future I’d love to hire myself out to the league, who I hear are short on bodies so I can afford magic armour.
My main goal of the day was to buy skops mead so I’d have lots of hero points to use to overcome the curse in spiral. I achieved it in the evening- just as it started raining.

I spent the early evening with U on one of the outer benches of the Orzel tent. When fear of spiral and rumors of a massacre in the Navar encampment- and their nation pulling out of Sundays battle, U and I – as well as one of them went over, only to find that they were roughly fine and that they had heard similar rumours about us.

I slept badly that night- the zip on my sleeping bag had broken the night before, but it only became a problem when the temperature dropped (thankfully as someone acquainted with English weather I had thermals and an anorak- so I didn’t freeze).

With the looming possibility of death in Spiral the next morning. I worked hard on trying to find a way of completing as much of Tristrams character arc as soon as possible.

I decided to go to the Earl of the house of Fools to bear Trsitrams soul to, before the battle- specifically that the death of his mother scared him, and that it was fear rather than bravery that lead him to join the army; the fear of repeating the same loss with Una; and finally that as he doesn’t consider himself to have any virtue- he doesn’t believe that he would ever return from the labyrinth.

To this the Earl of Fools asked him to return to her with the knowledge of what it means to stand his ground.

And when the empress turned out to be so close, T knelt, and she gave him her blessing.

So he set off to Spiral- fighting alongside a group of knights from du Soleil. He was barely affected by the curse – because although I had decided to be relatively conservative in how I fought the orcs died quickly – and before long I had killed the ten required for Unas forgiveness (included in this number were a few who I simply executed after someone else did the hard work). I thought that generally avoiding leading charges, would count as standing ones ground.

(Also I borrowed a sheild before the battle- so i could use it on my sprained hand, which made parying, at least, a lot easier)

I particularly enjoyed the fighting in and around the fort. It was lovely to be involved in counter charges, rescuing others and being rescued when my legs were cleaved, and the couple of times I ran out of hit points and hero points. In all I killed 17 (including executions)- which I was happy with- and was more than enough to gain Us forgiveness- and be admitted into a group of knights errant who wanted to achieve glory together.

All in all the weekend was brilliant. Just by walking past people over and over, I had made a variety of friends from various nations. It was lovely to see them on the battlefield, in the hospital later. Special thanks goes to the Wintermark priest, who eventually dedicated Tristram to the virtue of Loyalty – the virtue he is determined to seek.


So after all that prep…

…you set off running and accelerated :slight_smile:

I hadn’t realised that Navarr had had rumours about Dawn! You got the Empress’ blessing?!

Yeah that swirling battle around the pallisade was awesome wasn’t it!

And so Tristram moves to ephisode 2 or his arc with Una’s forgiveness, some battle scars, and many friends!

And you are now an experienced LARPer! Look after that wrist…

Will you be at E4?


It was good fun, something that really hit me was how much of an advantage I had because i had made some friends before I arrived.


I have a PhD to hand in so the odds are that I will miss E4, but return for E1 once the dust has settled - and i have a real job.

How to introduce freinds to empire

Plot continues questions:

In the empire are there Ghosts?

No doubt many freedom heretics were permanently lost in the Labyrinth. Is there any way they could manifest, maybe not so much as scary horror movie tropes - but maybe like sir Gawain’s Ghost before arthurs final battle.

In many religions, there are tools for the living to help the dead. Do we have an equivalent in the empire?

I’d like to write some downtime stuff where Tristram goes on a journey to Cairleons burned out keep, and buries anything that remains of its defenders. I imagine for he would be grief struck by the fact that they (and likely his beloved mother) were possibly permanently lost in the labyrinth - and that he would desperately want to do anything that he could to fix this.

If there isn’t an existing way to do this (I wouldn’t imagine that getting heretical relatives out of the labyrinth is a popular role playing activity that has come up before) is there a way of creating one? Because I imagine that once he returns from his trip this will be his biggest personal goal.

Once i have my thoughts together on the matter I’d also like to Email PD about him recovering items hallowed to the false virtue of Freedom.

Also is there a way of officially marking where the burned out keep is on the map? I’d like it to be near the towers of the Dawn - I’d love it if it could one day be occupied by someones army or otherwise included in the game as we push into the barrens.


Yes! The priest skill Exorcism is primarily used for dealing with them, as it is understood to send the spirit into the Labyrinth to make its journey and be born again.

As mentioned on that page, opinion is divided on whether Exorcism can harm a spirit’s progression through the Labyrinth, if the ghost’s reasons for remaining aren’t dealt with.

However, as far as I know there’s nothing that can be done to speed a spirit through the Labyrinth once it’s passed into it - although that might be a matter for IC religious debate!

As far as I know, there’s no way to evidence whether a spirit has passed through the Labyrinth except for someone having a Past Life Vision where they were that spirit.

Finding items with Freedom Hallows is something you can look into in uptime. By all means email PD, but I’m general such items are going to be very rare - Hallows last only a year normally, and anyone making Freedom ones is unlikely to be openly doing so!


As said there are Ghosts that are very much part of the Empire, removing them is built into the Skill set. There’s also a recent Wind of Fortune regarding Ghouts (in the Mournworld) if you wanted more of an idea.


I should specify. Tristram is 0% interested in freedom as a virtue, and would never get an item hallowed to it. In fact, because he blames the heresy for the death of his family, he is probably even less interested than the average person in Anvil in getting involved with the heresy.

My idea is that recovering a shield (and maybe more) hallowed to the virtue would be a more fun way of introducing the item into the game than simply having the story, he went to the shield shop and bought it. Also it could have fun RP effects - and generate game by him getting it unhallowed (that’s a thing right?).

That being said, from a point of view of understanding his family, if the opportunity ever arose to meet with a devote of the virtue, he’d be interested in hearing about it, just to understand his family; and as for obvious reasons he is not in favor of killing freedom heretics, he would not hand them in.

[If anyone could put me in contact with a player that follows freedom, I’d love to have a conversation OC so we could create some shared backstory- perhaps they knew someone who might have known someone from Cairleon].


You can try email PD, but in my experience they tend to turn down player-requested plotlines. If they give you one, they’d have to give everyone one.

You could turn up with a shield you found and claim it was once hallowed to Freedom, but PD are unlikely to give you such an item with an active effect.

On the subject of ghosts, there’s also the Winter Ritual Whispers Through the Black Gate which can be used to call a shade back from the Labyrinth to answer questions. This can (and has) be used to call up characters from your background and have interactions with them.


There are definitely ghosts, whether these are actual trapped souls, reflections of the personality left behind when the soul entered the labyrinth or something else is unclear and may even differ from ghost to ghost. and different Priests will also have different opinions.

As for being permanently lost or unable to pass through the labyrinth. That’s debatable. A lack of Virtue, or being led astray by a False Virtue, doesn’t normally stop you it just means that it takes much longer to find your way into your new life. That said it is doctrine that we don’t really (and can’t yet) understand the labyrinth and so you are (mostly) free to believe what you wish on this matter.