Helping Light Armouries

I’m a big believer that the traders add a huge amount to our hobby. Over the years they’ve pioneered a lot of the techniques we use to make weapons and other kit, and the beautiful things they make help enrich the hobby for everyone. They make the games we all play more immersive and for those of us who don’t have the time or the skills to make our own kit, they make the hobby more accessible.

I’ve mentioned a few times this year how tough things are for the LRP traders in the community and how much they need all our support. With events cancelled and no LRP happening it’s going to be very tough for them. But to add insult to injury one of our traders, Mike Light from Light Armouries, got broken into in the last few days. Thieves took a whole bunch of his tools as well as stock and orders. For an artisan like Mike, his tools are his livelihood and not cheap to replace.

Friends have put together a gofundme - to help Mike replace the stolen tools and materials. We’ve done what we can to help out, but I wanted to let amplify the signal and encourage Empire players who know Mike to support him if they can, even if it’s just a few pounds. I believe today might be the last day for people chipping in, so please take a look if you can, every bit of solidarity helps right now.