Helping out ambassadors

Im wanting to look into the ambassador part of the game but unsure where to go or which specific foreign nation id like to explore.

Shall I just wonder up to the ambassadors and offer help to any that need it or try and look into a specific nation and (if they dont have help already) offer assistance to the equivalent ambassadors?

Thanks for any help.

Having a read through of the wiki to get a feel of the flavour of each foreign nation is a good start, and any of the Winds of Fortune that are about the nations you like the sound of. Then when you do hunt down an ambassador - which is a good idea, although they can be busy people - you have an idea of what they are talking about and what’s the current hot topic. :slight_smile:


The Imperial Offices tent (assuming it’s on the field still) might be worth enquiring at - in the past they’ve been able to point me to where an ambassador was last headed, and may have a fair idea of which office-holders are looking for extra help. I think it was beside/close to the Anvil Library, near the hub last event.