Heya so I’ve got a question concerning camping

My friends and I wish to have a hall tent but I can’t find any cheap canvas options for the hall. Can anyone recommend any websites that may do a larger wall tent for £200 or under?

What do you mean by wall tent? And what size is "larger? You are not getting a big green army surplus garage tent for that. The sort of tent you’ll get for £200 is along the lines of “a 4m bell tent that is going to need a good scrub to get some patches of mildew off”. It’s like asking “Where can I get a good set of hiking boots for £20?” You can’t get a good set of hiking boots for £20, but if you can make do with the extra weight of steel toe capped rigger boots from a hardware store you might be OK.

A quick browse through the second hand tent suppliers I know of shows that this seems like the cheapest decent one at £259 for a 4m bell in light polycotton canvas.
There’s also places like here if they have ex-hire tents in stock and you don’t mind scrubbing some mildew off. That gives you a tent for £180. Search for ‘ex-hire’, ‘ex-festival’ or ‘second hand’ bell tents/glamping tents.

The other option is to buy an awning like this or this plus some suitable poles (and guy ropes and pegs in the case of the second one). They require more thoguht to set up than a tent and they’re a lot less wind resistant, but they do give you a covered group space on the field while you sleep OC or in other tents.

Finally, consider where you’re going to dry it and who’s going to keep it. When it gets wet, you’re going to need a garden or other available space to pitch it in so it can dry out, then somewhere to leave it out for the groundsheet to dry.


How big is your group? Like Jim says the best starting group tent on a budget is a Bell Tent of some kind, I’m seeing some used 4m Bell Tents on ebay for £220-£250 that might work for you.

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Think of canvas as an investment. If looked after it’s going to be with you for decades, and so is worth spending decent money on so you get what you want.

A 4m bell is a bit cramped for use during the day, although it will happily sleep 4. A 5m works a bit better, you can hold a group meeting for 10 sat on the floor Ok.
If you want a true group day tent then you really want straight walls, marquee style, and then you can put in tables and chairs and so on.

On a budget your best bet is an awning, although be prepared to drop it if the wind gets up, better than breaking a pole.

As Jim said though canvas needs looking after. You’ll need to find transport for it, safe, dry and well aerated storage, and have somewhere (and possibly some help) to pitch it for drying if it comes down wet. Sort that out first before you spend any cash on the tent.


Welcome along Nedward!

As noted above, a big group tent is likely the single biggest and most expensive thing you’ll buy as a group. As long as you look after it though, it may have a good resale value.

If you’re just starting up and just want a place to rest IC, a large awning that you can make into a lean-to is a good idea.

If I remember where I got our tent, I’ll link it…

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Thanks to all of you guys. Your advice is greatly appreciated and I’ll make notes on all of this. I hope to see you all at my first game.


Six people are in the group, and it’s just more like a meeting spot

Right. Our family tent was bought from this site:

Very nice, but above your budget.

We expanded it into a group meeting area with a large awning from here:

With the addition of some more poles or similar, this can form a perfectly good lean-to, sheltered area, groundless A-tent, or similar. If what you want is an in-game space where you and buddies can sit down on a blanket, store a few heavier pieces of kit, meet people for a drink, and the like… for less than £200… I suspect an awning is likely to be your best bet.

As a bonus, it’ll also be a heck of a lot lighter and more portable than a large tent :slight_smile:


Have a look for frame tents on eBay. You can paint them with fence paint and cover the plastic windows with sheets


I’d be careful about that. They might not, even so altered, make the minimum standard for the IC field…


Been using mine since the start of the game. Best £20 I spent.


That is AMAZING @Xellpher. I’m genuinely impressed. One question though. Did the fence paint affect the waterproofing at all?

It’s waterproof it’s self. I won’t use it on the roof but for the almost vertical sides it’s fine.

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okay, that is substantially better than I envisaged…

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