Highborn Entertainment

Hi! :slightly_smiling_face: So I’ve been reading about the different festivities, bars, nightly gatherings, etc in each of the nations and I noticed that Highguard seems quite sombre and rarely mentioned as a place to find much entertainment, other than a funeral or a religious choir or both. I’m sure there’s more to it. What do y’all reckon? Are there bars? Upbeat gatherings? Dare I say… merriment??

There is indeed a bar in Highguard (although there were a couple of years without one). A lot of the evenings are spent within one’s Chapter, who celebrate with varying degrees of raucousness.

There’s usually at least one fireside who sing, and while we don’t have quite the same party atmosphere as some other nations I was hanging out in Highguard of an evening about two years before I joined the nation because I liked the feel of the place.


We’re not prudes or sombre all the time. We take things seriously, whatever we’re doing.

So we throw ourselves wholeheartedly into singing round the fire, several different fires usually and you’ll be very welcome at any of them, whether you bring a bottle or a song or not.

Do get the lads at the bar to sing your their chapter song, that’s great too!


Pretty much what’s been said above, you’ll get some Chapters with relatively open fires singing songs round it and drinking. You’ll get some Chapters doing more complex choral singing in their tents. There’s a bar as mentioned. But some of us who do a lot in Conclave, get our entertainment there of an evening and that’s usually where most of my lot end up, but you’ll still find some of us deep in political discussion and setting the Empire to rights over a glass of wine. Might seem a bit too serious, but we find it entertaining :slight_smile: