Highborn Magister


So after sitting on my OG character setup, I’ve made a few changes I’m gonna stick with.

Before I’d gone full magic and rituals, however I’ve made so changes to accommodate room for future growth and development, depending on what I experience.

As it stands, I have a pretty good vision of Gideon, how he reacts and what he’s looking for in Anvil. He was separated from his family when he was younger and found himself in a small village in Reikos. He was shown some things by a wandering chirurgeon, from which learnt to do some basic healing, but he also discovered he had a knack for the arcane. He managed to get some money together with his basic healing knowledge and asked a magister on the outskirts of the Great Forest of Reikos to teach him how to harness it. He found his own mana site and made a friend and lifetime partner in the process. Now they make their way to Anvil to further their knowledge and do their part to support the citizenry, human or orc alike.

Character Sheet:

  • Chirurgeon
  • Magician
  • Battlemage
  • Extra Spell x2
    // Heal
    // Empower
  • Spring Lore
    // Sacred Hands of Life
    // Blood of the Hydra)
  • Mana Site


  • Simple Black Trousers & White Shirt (My wife is looking to make the shirt herself!)
  • Some form of jacket, most likely black too
  • Black wellies with added internal comfort
  • I’m making my own leather armour pieces, which will include a wide, runic hero/barbarian style belt, a runic, leather pauldron and a set of tunic leather bracers. Colours in contemplation are currently blue and white/silver trim with some LED work to light up the runes.


  • Several pouches for money, basic chirurgeon supplies, wine flask -OR- bottle pouch and general extra space.
  • Cloak
  • Wand, Rod and Buckler -OR- Staff
  • Some form of tome I can write my details in and write up spells and rituals all fancy, with (yes I want one) a book holster lol.

Costume and character build sound fine.

Slight problem with using Reikos in your background. It’s only been in Imperial hands for 3 years, after some very enthusiastic spring magic fixed the terrible effects of 13 years of Druj invasion, miasma pillars, torture, pillage, destruction and so on.

Details on the Reikos page, but basically the Druj invaded form the North in 367, spent 10 years throwing the Highborn out and turning the place into a nightmare, and then we spend 3 heavy years throwing them back out again and much of the territory is still in the rebuilding stage. (Current year 383).

Up to you if you want to change your backstory to include a whole bunch of horror and war, or just change the territory mentioned, probably to Bastion as that’s been most stable.

When it does come to submitting your backstory I suggest thinking up a name for your magister and chirurgeon teachers. Might not come up in play but those are the sort of details that Plot like to play with!

Nb there are several Gideon’s already in play, so you may want to pick a highborn surname such as ‘son of xx’, or a description ‘the Taller’ or whatever applies until you have a chapter name, so people know which they refer to. Mistaken identities can be fun but the civil service gets a bit miffed if their paperwork is confused!

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If he stayed based in Reikos, that’d still fit. He doesn’t know who his real family is (though I’ve already been setup as an older brother for another new player) and he is very much coming from humble beginnings. Learning healing on the battlefield and developing his magic skills by reclaiming a mana site from the Druj would also still work.

Only question is how the Druj are. Are they the type to take prisoners and use them? Or are they the “kill everything” type. I can’t remember which ones are which. All things depending, going from prisoner of the Druj to reclaimed highborn In Anvil would certainly set me up for a “Gideon the Reclaimed” or “Gideon the Free”. At least until he earns his stars.

Thoughts on this line of background?

Based on the dates mentioned, he’s 27 in the current year of 383. He would have been born in 356 and aged 11 during the invasion of 367. He’s already been separated from his family, so a “son of xx” wouldn’t do.

I’m too noob atm, but lore is my jam. This is something I’ll have down by E1

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Hello fellow citizen of Reikos!

That looks like a good build; make sure you come visit the Suns of Couros at your next event; we’re a chapter of black and white-wearing Reikos magisters!

We stayed in Reikos during the occupation, defending the town of Haros Water until the Druj finally pushed us out in 378 (an event that occurred in play for added drama!), so having stayed in Reikos is perfectly doable in background.

The Druj do take prisoners but they are very cruel to them. Torture, mutilation and alchemical experimentation are common, with many former-Druj prisoners left with lasting scars -both physical and emotional. But that can be good ground for some background!

Ok, so what is Gideon was separated from his family, aged 11 when the Druj invaded. He found his way to Haros Water and was provided shelter by a chirurgeon in the town, as yet unnamed. He was present and protected by the SoC in Haros Water, helping where he could, until they were pushed out in 378. In the remaining 5 years, he finds a proclivity for the arcane, a tutor (as yet unnamed) and claims a mana site in the Great Forest after the Druj are gone.

That sound more Reikos? Plus, then it gives me reason to come find the Suns in Anvil


I’ll send you a pm!

I’d be aware that you can spend crystal mana to cast spells. Which means if you have 1 Crystal Mana you can spend it on 1 cast of Heal, or 1 cast of Hands of Sacred Life. So there’s no point in having Hands of Sacred Life, as it is identical to Heal, just slower by one and a half minutes.

Similarly for Blood of the Hydra, it only gets good once you have 3 effective ranks and are cheaply healing entire squads in on go. If you’re planning on buying more Spring Lore later, I’d wait until you get Lore 2 before buying those two rituals. Because when you get Lore 2, they become useful. And for Blood of the Hydra, if you have 2 minutes spare to fix a limb, a Physick can do it at 0 cost.

I’d strongly recommend Day as your Ritual lore, because:

  • The Ritual “Illuminate the Higher mind” lets you enchant a target to know one of your spells, and you have 2 Spells you could share with that. Yes it’s Mag 4, but the Imperial Regio will give you a free rank if you cast it there.
  • Ascetic Star of Atun would let you (expensively) remove Venom. Unlike for fixing a limb, there is no 0-cost way to remove Venom.

You’d still have a strong focus on healing, but you’re much more likely to use all your healing powers, as none of them are redundant.

On the other hand Spring is pretty cool and does make you in demand in HG as it’s one of the less common lores in the nation. However you do need about 3 people in a coven to get to some of the cooler spells. However that’s a good goal to go for, gives you something to aim at and you can change one of your mastered spells once a season.

Also remember you can change stuff round if you want after your first game if it doesn’t work for you.

Noted, but likewise, I could sell that crystal mana or trade with a potion boy for some

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I only have crunch brain right now but i cant hep there :smiley:

Spring 2 is definitely a solid investment over Spring 1 but you dont have anything obvious to drop for it tbh, though i usually think its best to pick one spell and focus your mana on it i m aware that a contentious idea :stuck_out_tongue:

Spring is also fairly common in HG if you know where to look (Or are big and loud so people come and talk to you :smiley: ) , though there is only 1 Coven afaik. #DefinitelyNotTaintedBySpringtoBeChaoticNosiree :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah, dont spend (crystal)mana on spells unless you are in deeeeep poop (Or monstering). I hear theres a few folks trading them for Mageblood potions that let you cast 2 spells! (Unless those spells cost 2 mana)

Yep! I’m just uncertain you’ll get much game out of having “Full heal in 2 minutes” and “Full heal in 30s”, when the fast method’s also the cheap one. If you trade a Crystal Mana for a mana potion, then you get 2 Spell Heals for the price of one Ritual Heal. Meaning you’ll never have a reason to cast Hands of Sacred Life. If Spring really takes your fancy, I’d probably take Blood of the Hydra and leave the other ritual slot open. Then you have one thing you might use in a fight in an emergency, and a ritual you could learn mid-game if you join a Spring coven. Then after Event 3 you could upgrade to Lore 2 and take Hands of Sacred Life.

Note that Blood of the hydra is also occasionally used in the healing of some traumatic wounds, so it is slightly different to simply the mend limb spell

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For the moment I intend to go onto the field with a buckler, rod and sword ready to go. Support with spells where I can, defend myself when I need too and then I have rituals for post-battle or hospital support.

He’s the type of guy that isn’t afraid to get stuck in, even if he is more vulnerable than a more heavily armoured fella. Gives me game on and off the field. Plus, you never know when it’ll come in handy.

The thing about post-battle support is that you can fix all someone’s Hits with:

  • 5 min of attention by a Physick and 10 min rest. No cost.
  • Tranquil Nostrum (potion). You put in 2 herbs, and you make a giant pot of tea that heals anyone who drinks some of the tea, after they take 10 min of rest.
  • A non-combatant magician with Heal and 30s worth of roleplay. I regularly use mana on the main field on my PC, and then go and sit in the nearest tea shop with a Chamber of Delights. As that refills all your mana after 15 min. Which is incredibly useful if you want to do 2 fights a day, as it’s a mana pitstop!

All of these are much, much cheaper than burning expensive crystal mana on non-emergency uses. So you might as well hold onto your mana for emergency swift-cast Heals. Because those are awesome and save so many PCs.

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