Highguard Camp Layout E3 2016

We will largely be winging this one this time but I would like to make sure we can sanity check this, just in case.

If you could add your tent details below, including group, size and notate if it is a sleeping/kids tent I will attempt to ensure we do not end up building a giant HG buckaroo of tents :slight_smile:

Raven’s Watch has just the one bell, hired from PD. Probably in the name of Jaci Fry or James Crowther. :slight_smile:

Woodwych Harts need space for two 5 metre bell tents :slight_smile:

The Archivists of the Litharge


One 4m bell with that Silent Tide lot.

Scions of Ravensfell
1 x 7m Bell tent (Group meeting and eating)
4 x 5m Bell tents (IC sleeping)
3 x 4m Bell tents (IC sleeping)
1 x awning ? size

We are happy to camp again where we were at E2

One hired PD tent, the blue and white Burgundian. It’s a tea house/shop so would like to be at the entrance to camp. Near the boarder with the marches worked really well last event.

Suns of Couros

1 x 8m x 6m marquee: Main group tent
2 x 5m bell tent - IC sleeping

Shattered Tower…


PD 3 Pole Marquee - (Booked in name of Matt Lyons) - Chapter tent (20x36ft + guys) (Group tent)
Attached Awning (6mx6m) (Group tent)

Cart (2.5mx5m) (Food)

Bell (5m) (Sleeping)
Bell (4m) (Sleeping)
Bell (4m) (Sleeping)

the cenotaph

5m bell
4m bell
3m bell
dining shelter

forgottten size of dining shelter and marquee will try and work them out an update

Zephaniah’s lament:

1 9’x9’ garage tent
1 12’x12’ square pavilion

Silent Tide

9X 5M Bell tents
1x 6M Pavillian type tent

Cohort of the Winter Bear

20Ft Marque - Group meeting and eating plus fire pit
5m Bell tent - IC sleeping
5m Bell tent - IC sleeping
No children
at least 10 booked

Seems like storm’s fury managed to miss this one, apologies for being last minute!

We’ll be bringing our two tents as we normally do, rough dimensions (guessing as the owners are unavailable) being 30x20 foot and 8x6 foot