Highguard Player Event - Cleanliness is next to Virtue

Cleanliness is next to Virtue is a Highguard player event using as it’s location the Turkish Baths at Harrogate. A purely social event running for 2 and a half hours on the 25th of February - cost £31.

Come explore a part of Highguard brief not seen at Anvil - the Chapter Bathhouse!

Full details below.

IC information
Many and varied are the reasons why a person would be in Reikos over winter but once there many of them find a reason to visit the Shining Towers in Chalcis Mount, the home of the Shattered Tower. The steady stream of pilgrims and travellers is at first believed to be linked to the magical appearance of those tower – plucked as they are from the Summer Realm.

But as winter draws, and repeat visitors are noticed, it becomes clear that a fully functioning bathhouse touched by the summer realm is a not inconsiderable draw in and off itself. A golden oasis of heat and comfort in a province still very much on the wild side. A place where diverse groups with their own goals and business meet in passing, and amongst such folk discussion turns to the all important topics of the affairs of the Empire, gossip, and (since this is Highguard) the pursuit of Virtue.

OC information

This is a two and a half hour social event running on Saturday the 25th of February at Harrogate Turkish Baths (turkishbathsharrogate.co.uk/Pages/home.aspx). We have exclusive use of the baths between 3 and 5.30pm.

This event is purely social, there is no threat and no plot. Just an IC chance to experience part of the Highguard brief not present at Anvil itself.

Cost is £31 for the event payable by January the 25th. A £5 deposit is payable by December 20th.

How to book

Bookings are now open for Highguard players.

Please use the link below to find the booking form.


Bookings will open for non-highguard players on Wednesday the 7th of

Nudity and Bathing suits

No nudity will be allowed. Bathing outfits suitable for a public swimming pool must be worn at all time.

Bathing outfits do not have to be specifically IC – modern materials and/or logos are acceptable. Players are trusted they will pick something they consider appropriate. IC bathing outfits should be considered the very definition of awesome – sorry I meant aspirational.


No photographs will be allowed during the event. After all this even is essentially people in their bathing suits.

Phys Repping - issues with make up and/or prosthetics

Due to the conditions in the steam bath (total immersion in water, steam, and a hot room so hot that standing on the stone floor is inadvisable) no make up and/or prosthetics will be permitted during this event.

Instead players will be provided with coloured ribbons to prominently wear which will convey this information. When booking in you will be asked to record any such phys repping requirements.


The site is a historical Victorian building and there are some accessibility issues. I have not been able to acquire a formal statement about accessibility issues from the venue. While the building is wheelchair accessible use of a wheelchair in the baths themselves could present some issues which at the very least are that the plunge pool and Laconium (Hottest Room) have steps. If you have specific questions please contact me and I will contact the steam baths.

Medical Conditions

The following information on medical conditions is provided by Harrogate Turkish baths.

“Some treatments are unsuitable for pregnant ladies and people with either high or low blood pressure or allergies. Please check when enquiring at reception prior to booking. Using the Turkish Baths may aggravate certain medical conditions. Please check with your GP to ensure the Baths are safe to use. The Turkish Baths are unsuitable during pregnancy.”

If you are unsure whether a medical condition would prevent you attending Harrogate Steambaths please contact the steambaths directly on turkishbathsharrogate.co.uk/ … ntact.aspx


It may be possible to arrange a treatment while at the Turkish baths however that is a private arrangement between yourself and steambaths. It will not be in anyway IC and will reduce the amount of time you can spend IC. Depending on availability there could be the option of arranging treatments prior to the event so you can spend as much time as possible IC, again this would be a private arrangement and you should contact the steambaths directly to arrange


By Rail/Bus: They are in the Town centre with a short 5 minute walk from either station.
By Car: Harrogate is approximately 20 minutes from Leeds and 35 minutes from York.
Travelling from North or South, we are approximately 7 miles from Junction 47 of the A1, following the signposts for Harrogate. Once in Harrogate they are located at the bottom of Parliament Street on the A6. No parking is provided.

OC staff

Staff from the baths will be in attendance during the event and we have not yet broached the subject of dressing them or briefing them to act in an IC manner.

Beforehand and Afterwards

Beforehand - we have not yet confirmed at what point people should start arriving at the steam baths and will do so at our earliest opportunity.
Afterwards there will be an opportunity for an OC meet after the event in a nearbye pub – location to be decided.


Q: This is quite expensive for a very short event?
A: Yes – but it is in a steam bath and I’m afraid they are not cheap to hire. But Harrogate itself is a lovely place to visit.

Q: My make up says it’s waterproof – why can I not wear that?
A: Because while it may be waterproof we have no idea if it’s steambath proof – conditions which are designed to remove things from your skin. To be totally frank the idea we might accentually dye parts of a historic building blue give me the hebbie jeebies – so I’m erring on the side of caution and it’s ribbons all the

Q: Why are male nipples allowed but not female nipples?
A: No idea – but that’s the currently existing cultural double standard so that is what we are going with.
Q: What about catering?
A: There is no catering. However Betty’s is just up the road and it’s world famous – bettys.co.uk/tea-rooms/locations/harrogate.

Just wanted to put a shout out here,
If you didn’t make this event this year, you missed an absolute treat. Fantastic Venue, get social event, I believe it is planning to run again next year, if you get the chance, jump at it 100% you wont regret it.