Hip quiver vs back quiver - which do you find works better?

having got my bow and arrows ready for next event, i’m yet to get another important piece of an archer’s gear, the quiver.

before i go out and get one, which type of quiver do you guys recommend to be the most practical? any links would be appreciated as well.


Entirely depends on the rest of your gear, what terrain you’re fighting in and how you personally do archery.

The only thing to remember for larp arrows specifically is that they are point heavy, so real life archery quivers often need an extra strap or re-engineering to stop them flipping over and emptying all the arrows on the ground.

I personally have a back quiver. It has a stiffened ring at the top so it stays open, and is strapped across my body and usually under a pouch on the opposite side on my waist belt. I made it myself to fit me, and having now had it for some years I can load and unload it without looking and bend down to pick up arrows without losing the current ones, but it took some practice to be fast and accurate.

I did try a hip quiver first but had problems with it tangling in my skirts and couldn’t get the straps right so it didn’t occasionally flip over when running around. It was a little easier to load and unload as long as there was at least a couple of arrows in it, empty it misbehaved entirely, but it was made out of soft suede stuff. hard leather may have been better.

I do occasionally have problems in dense woods with the back quiver, and you do have to remember you’re wider and slightly taller than usual when picking where to run but it works for me at the moment.


When it comes to archery, Historically hip quavers were more practical. Back quavers are used more for when you have time to shoot (Sport archery) as they take longer to retrieve and knock than arrows at the hip. Arrows at the hip are much easier to use for quick shooting and a battle scenario.

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