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Hi! So, I’m trying to find the place on the Wiki where it explains what technical benefits are granted to personal resources based in each region of the nation (Highguard, to be specific), but I just can’t work it out! Something along the lines of benefits bestowed by great works, etc?

If I am a Highguard priest of Ambition, which region (and specific town?) does it make most sense to have a home territory in, from a game mechanics perspective?


A list of Great Works can be found on the wiki here, if that helps?

The only congregation-affecting Great Work in Highguard is The Unbound Steel Hall of Lost Chapters, which only affects Pride congregations so won’t impact you as an Ambition priest.

As a result, there’s not much in the choice from a mechanics perspective at all - save whether you think one territory is more likely to get invaded by another.


I always advise players to choose a region for RP reasons, not mechanical ones. Being based in Necropolis, for example, might get you involved in certain plot which having your resource in Reikos does not. Or vice versa.

Some of the most involving plot I’ve had came from being based in Reikos, and dealing with the issues that came out of the Druj invasion and subsequent Eternal invason by Llofir.


Additionally, some territories may or may not be cursed at the moment. Which ones you’d probably have to find out in the field…


Any territory curses or any other effects are mentioned in the Major Effects section of the Interlude page.

Highguard being truely hardcore doesn’t need curses to cause deleterious effects to their territories, we have synod judgements we pass ourselves :).

As mentionen the list of Great Works is the place to find this stuff out, for anything that has already been built. But I believe there are a number of Great Works currently being built, to find them you’d need to search the wiki for Senate Motions mentioning Great Works and a territory name. The other method is to look through all the Senate Motions for each season here - https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Recent_history.

As the senator for Bastion I know we’ve got a bunch of great works being built, but off the top of my head I don’t know how many would affect people with congregations.

One other thing to keep in mind is that some Great Works benefit is split between everyone who has resource X in a territory and you won’t be able to work that out without legwork on the field :slight_smile: .

To be honest if you’re looking for a place to stick your chapter, I’d look for a territory with less chapters, or less large chapters.

Off the top of my head, Reikos I think had the most chapters/players in it? But that’s gone through a lot of changes recently so I honestly have no idea which territories are the most populated by players atm.


Very few Great works effect congregations, since you are only able to build a Congregation boosting great work with a plot opportunity.