How big is the empire?

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I had few questions about the setting that I couldn’t find info about;
How do people travel in empire? Since there are no horses I am assuming it’s just by foot, or wagon pulled by oxen (?)
What kind of distances are we talking about here, how does the map scale?
I was wondering if my character was just hiking around would she even have enough time to make it home and back during the 3 months between the events? (from Miekarova to Anvil)

It’s biiiig, but thankfully some roads - ‘trods’ - are magical and allow you to travel much faster and with less effort. There are definitely places on the edge of the map where it takes you a couple of weeks to get back home from Anvil because they are so far off of the trod network.

I’d also say don’t worry about it too much, downtime is a very vague place where we all have to hand wave stuff a bit to make stuff for into neat three month blocks.

And yes, on foot or oxen is the usual method, I think. Or sometimes boat if the geography is right.

I’ve been told roughly 900 by 900 miles.
At the bottom you can see it.

Specifically (as I understand it), trods work by filling you with energy - they don’t make you any faster than you’d normally be able to go, but they let you sustain your best hiking pace for an entire day and wake up refreshed and ready to go the next morning.

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There is anecdotal information that suggests that they could make you go faster.
It maybe is something that should be clarified on the wiki whether it does or not.

I made this a while back, it’s scaled according to the 100 mile markers on the territory maps. If you tile together all the territory maps then a 900 by 900 mile square fits roughly within the bounds of the Empire, but there are lots of territory that falls outside the square so the Empire is actually larger than that.

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There is actually a FAQ question on this:
Which Bozemoto quoted correctly: “Very roughly, the Empire is 900 miles by 900 miles”

There has not AFAIK been an official answer of how many people there are in the Empire.

A few nerds like me have attempted to make an effort to guesstite based on vaguely historical demographics.
But it gets somewhat more exciting given vast swathes of the Empire are covered in monster filled horror forests, or sparsely populated mountainous regions with spires of not-elves.