How do ambassadors work

How does being an ambassador work if people can’t go outside Anvil?

I can answer this for you later as I can talk both from a mechanical point of view and an IC point of view.


Foreign nations will often send delegations to Anvils, as well as letters etc.
While any citizen can of course make personal deals with them, it is the ambassador who has the authority to make deals on behalf of the Empire.

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Oh right, thanks

The Ambassadors also receive a report each event on what their foreign counterpart has been saying and similar developments, and it’s expected that they send winged messengers to their counterparts to communicate with them.

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How about assistants to ambassadors? What are their responsibilities?

I think that rather depends on what the ambassador in question wants their assistant to do!

Ambassadors are an Imperial Title with rights and responsibilities - assistants aren’t (at the moment, anyway).

Ok, thanks for the help

Ok, so here it is this is my take on the role of the Ambassadors within Empire. Be warned its a long one!

So, first of all, let’s clarify what an Ambassador is, the of Ambassador is the voice of the Empire to the Foreign Nations, this is an Imperial Title appointed by the Senate, any citizen who is not currently holding another Imperial Title can seek to hold the position. A Foreign Nation is a territory which is not governed by the Empire and makes their own choices within their own governments.

The Foreign Nations in play are;

Asavean Archipelago




Iron Confederacy


Principlaties of Jarm

Sarcophan Delves

Sumaah Republic

There are also Foreign Nations which do not have their own Embassies and in turn no Ambassador, these are then governed by the Imperial Consul, again this another title which is elected by the Senate.

The Foreign Nations this applies to are;





Any other new territory which could be discovered is also covered by the Imperial Consul.

With the brief basics in place, let’s start to delve a little deeper, which does the role of Ambassador mean? What can they do? And how does this affect play? Others have given some brief highlight here so let’s put them all together.

As mentioned, the Ambassador first and foremost is the voice of the Empire, any citizen can have contact with any individual citizen within a Foreign Nations and can engage in a personal trade agreement, however, what they are not allowed to do is engage in a transaction which affects more than those covered specifically by the agreement. #

So, let’s give some examples, I want to sell some apples to Mr. Smith of the House of Incredible Apples in Axos, I am well within my rights as an Imperial Citizen to engage in this transaction. Now I realise that I might have a sweet deal here and I want to make more money to allow me to spread my Wisdom and Prosperity and so I now want to offer my apples to the whole of city that Mr. Smith of the Incredible Apples of Axos is located in, ,suddenly this no longer becomes a simple trade agreement between 2 people but instead I am trading with a city it is at this point that I would need to seek the Ambassador of Axos to negotiate this.

The Ambassador is appointed to negotiate trade deals with a Foreign Nation only they have the authority to conduct this, there is no other person in the entire Empire who has this right this includes the Senate, Synod and the Throne!

As well as being involved in exchange of trade they are also there to provide a diplomatic position, as mentioned the Ambassador is the voice of the Empire, they can as highlighted engage in trade negations but they are also able to negotiate much bigger issues such as treaties, an example of this would be the Liberation Peace Treaty discussed this last season (I will highlight there were some unusual changes here as there were 2 positions created purely for this treaty, however for the purpose of this conversation I am going to treat them with the same mindset as that of an Ambassador.) This was a negotiation between 4 Foreign Nations as well the Empire to discuss future trade with each other and other nations outside of the treaty.

This was a complex negotiation which took a lot of time to prepare and a lot of time to negotiate all those involved will testify to this. I’m not going to talk about the specifics of this as this is something you can find out IC.

Ambassadors also are solely responsible for dealing with delegations, for those unfamiliar with this terms this means representatives of Foreign Nations who have come to the Empire for a face to face meeting, this may be general or for a specific agenda. The Ambassador is solely responsible for this, only they have the authority to speak with these delegates, Rights of Witness can apply in some cases. If another citizen requires to speak with these delegates in a formal manner such as treaty or trade, you must seek the permission of the Ambassador to do so. Of course, if you see them wondering about Anvil you are of course welcome to speak with them, although I cannot guarantee you a friendly response. Again, I would remind all that you only have the right to speak of them as an individual and not collectively or on behalf of the Empire.

So, so far, our Ambassador can engage in trade, they can negotiate treaties, they can receive delegations and they are the voice of the Empire. There is a lot going on right? Well there is more, the Ambassador is likely caught up in a myriad of politics, they are they to speak for the Empire, they are there to represent the Empire to their host nations but also they are they to assist with Foreign Nation own issues with each other, a good example here is the Principalities of Jarm and the Commonwealth, Ambassadors for both nations are currently are being pulled in more directions then we have limbs! There is interaction with both these Foreign Nations that are being facilitated by the Empires Ambassadors.

These are just some of the many things our Ambassadors do daily there are of course a whole host of other issues which make an appearance, perhaps a nation would like a Ritual Text? Or a rare artifact needs recovering, our Ambassadors will be leading this from the front line.

This is, of course, a very simple overview of the role of an Ambassador, more information can be found both within the Wiki and IC, I would certainly encourage anyone to speak with their Ambassadors as they can be very interesting conversations and people.

So now we understand their role as well as what they can do, let’s look at this in play.

Firstly, every season the Ambassador receives a briefing this is produced by the Civil Service, this is a document which has been produced based on relevant reports, letters and noteworthy matters that have occurred within the host nation. This will also provide answers on questions Ambassadors have asked. The Ambassadors will all meet at least once per season someone times more, certainly the case this time around and will all get an overview of what has been occurring in each Foreign Nations, this is also the time we discuss about how things can affect the Empire and look at problem-solving options.

Throughout the weekend, there will be certain information each Ambassador will be looking to gain from various sources in response to the briefings they have received as well other ongoing matters, personally, I have an ongoing matter which has been ongoing for 6 seasons and counting. They will also be called upon to offer Expert Facts and Opinions to our governing bodies most notably the Senate to enable them to make the right decision on matters which could affect the Empire and its citizens. Ambassadors will also spend a lot of time seeking, legal and spiritual guidance on matters to assist them in carrying out their duties to the Empire.

Being an Ambassador is certainly not a role you will get bored easily in! There is always something to do and the more you put in the more you will get out both IC and OC.

That is a very brief and simple overview of the role of an Ambassador, I could go into more detail so if anyone has anything specific then, by all means, let me know and I can address this.

In terms of the assistant, this is not so straightforward, firstly not every Ambassador has one, some have none others have more! Each will have their own way of working and in turn their own requirements, there is no requirement to have an assistant.

I will highlight that there can be a difference between an assistant and a Proxy, a Proxy whilst acting in that role has every power and right of the Ambassador themselves would hold. Being an assistant does not necessarily grant you that power. I myself am looking for assistance, I have a Proxy who was my predecessor.

So, to answer the question of the assistance/Proxy, I can only speak from my own requirements and experiences. I started my career as an assistant to the previous Ambassador to the Principalities of Jarm, I worked extremely hard to learn everything I could about Jarm, about the role of an Ambassador. I’m not just talking about turning up at events and following them around like a lost sheep carrying their bag. I spent countless hours of my own downtime learning about Jarm, reading up on its history, its politics, the politics of the Empire and Jarm, if there was something, I could learn I knew it!

In the field I spent countless hours running errands, chasing vague information that usually amounted to nothing, I would track people down for information, I would trek through the mud, the rain, the winds whatever the weather I kept moving to secure the required information.

I am described IC as the second most knowledgeable person on Jarm, the previous Ambassador being the first and I’m sure over the next few seasons that will change. The previous Ambassador stepped down as they felt comfortable handing over the role to me, I didn’t ask them to, they told me they felt I was up to the job and I had worked tirelessly to learn as much as I had and shown huge dedication to the role both IC and OC and that is why they stepped down after many years of loyal service to the Empire.

To be a good assistant and this applies to any role is to be engaged in doing your best, giving everything 100% you might be sat in the League and suddenly realise you have to be in Wintermark in 2 minutes to meet someone to hear some gossip which you have heard might and that is a big might just shed some light on a random piece of information which may provide some small clue to a large puzzle piece. With 2 minutes to go, high winds, pouring rain and bog to negotiate you sprint across the city to make your appointment. That is the commitment people want.

My reward for doing that? Well, some obscure nonsense that proved nothing of use, no salary but the thanks and gratitude for doing it allowing them to get on with other matters of state. Of course, I had a great relationship with them and continue to do so. I didn’t agree on a fee nor expect one either, but there were and still are times I need their help, assistance or favour and they are there for me. They frequently offered to buy food, drinks resources for me, etc. So, while you may expect to get paid, chances are you will not! Good assistance will, however, be been well looked after by those they are assisting.

I was not and never officially a Proxy, although I was known for being their assistance and it was assumed, I was their Proxy but that was held by another.

So being assistance for anyone is not glamorous it is hard work and I mean that it really is! A good Ambassador is constantly on the move, juggling a thousand issues and agendas, in more meetings than you could imagine possible. The key to being good assistance is, willingness, eager to learn, prepared for hard work, a good listener and more importantly expects nothing in return. If you can tick all those boxes, you will be worth your weight in gold and the more you do for them the more they will do for you.

As I say this applies to any role regardless of their position and it is a great way for new players who have a specific goal and agenda to learn.

I arrived at my first event knowing barely anything, I was introduced to my predecessor on my first night at E4 2017 and ushered off by a stranger to frankly one of the most intimidating things I could have imagined. I knew nothing of foreign nations, I knew nothing of the role of Ambassadors or LARP for that matter. I left that meeting with my mind blown, exiting the Imperial Office I said to my comrade who had been told I was new to all of this and simply said: “You guys take this way too seriously.” Fast forward exactly 1 year to E4 2018 and I have been elected by the Senate as Ambassador to the Principalities of Jarm.

Being an assistance gave me time, knowledge and skill to hold the role and be able to allow the Senate to unanimously vote for me to the be their Ambassador, I really can not express if anyone has a specific goal they want to achieve to put this time and dedication into assisting someone as it will pay off. My goal was to hold an Imperial Title within the political aspect of the game within 2 years.

If anyone has questions, wants to know more about any of these please do reach out to me because I’ve been there, I’ve been the new kid who knows nothing and I’ve endured the grueling road to gaining office.