How do I fight

Hi I am joining urizen in the summer, but don’t know how they fight, other than with large amounts of magic. So any tips on style or how they fight will be very appreciated

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Urizen often acts as a rapid-reaction reserve or a flanking force in battle. Rather than being the first to charge in, we will hold until another Imperial force has pinned the enemy in place, then attack the enemy unit from the side or rear. Also if another Imperial force is being flanked or rolled themselves we will be sent in to assist them. Another role we often find ourselves in is escorting ritual teams when a battle requires a group of ritualists to cast a particular ritual in a particular place. The emphasis is on initiative, small unit team work and mobility. With regard to individual fighting style, any on-brief weapons and armour is great, we have a mix of heavy sword & shield and polearm fighters, battlemages, archers, lighter skirmishers and physicks. Since we act as a fast reserve we need to be flexible enough to adapt to many situations, thus all types of fighters will find a place in our force. I’d recommend having a chat with some of the other Urizen players before time in at your first event and they will help you find the right place in our fighting force.

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Do you have any experience with combat? If not I’m willing to share some suggesting for how you can fight, in larp however, it is mainly just about being careful and having decent stamina.

Ok thanks, also I have no real combat experience and I would be grateful for any tips

It’s much better to get some practice and learn in the field than doing much theory online, but a few tips can be shared…

  1. Don’t thrust. LARP weapons are made with a solid core and foam around them. Thrusting can damage them, and likely your opponent as well. There ARE stab safe weapons, mostly spears, but these are the exception rather than the rule.

  2. Move about where possible. Footwork, position and balance are important. In some circumstances, such as a battlefield line, you can move little. But being able to move, dodge around, on uncertain ground while maintaining balance (and Poise :slight_smile: ) is a good skill.

  3. Choose a weapon at an event or similar (some LARP weapons manufacturers set up a medieval faires, for instance). This gives you the chance to try various weapons out, see which ones fit you, get an impression of the wieght and swing, and pick different styles. I discommend puchasing a LARP weapon online.

  4. Get some practice where you can. You may be able to find a local LARP group and borrow some of their stuff. You may have to wait till the event. But a little sparring practice is trivial to request from almost anyone at the events.

  5. Build up some cardio. I’m not suggesting you run a marathon in plate armour, but a good bit of stamina is never a bad idea. I’d aim at being able to walk around reasonably briskly for an hour or so, jog along for about 2 minutes, and sprint for 10 seconds.

  6. Find some friends. For practice against and for combat buddies. I was asked a while back for a cheat code for the combat side of Empire: “Good cardio and some friends”.

  7. (Because the in-game religeon is seven-fold) Have Courage. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice, or someone to practice with, or to ask for a go with someone else’s weapons. Don’t be shy to admit inexperience or problems. And when you’re feeling a little more confident, come along to Dawn and challenge the lot of us to single combat :slight_smile:


Come and find me at an event and I’ll hook you up with some sparring partners in Urizen

I made a topic about Larp and combat. Ignore what I say about archery but I think the rest is sound. If you don’t want to go into loads of details then here are a few quick suggestions.

The most important rule in empire’s battles is good team work. This means stick with your allies and doing your best to cover them because if you do this, they will be there if you go down.

Be aware of your surroundings. I played an Orc last event and I managed to get behind the retreating imperial forces and cause a bit of chaos. You also don’t want to tick over roots and things like that as they can slow you down or injure you.

Keep your head up. If you drop your head, you will be more likely to be hit on there. It also means it is harder to see what is in front of you which makes defending harder. If you are doing to duck, do it at the knees instead of at the hips. You will probably have to move back as well, just to be sure. It is better to make two moves and go too far out of combat then one more and not get far enough.

Look at your physical attributes and see how they can help you. If you are tall then you might want to go for reach, if you are small you might want to go for speed.

Your biggest down fall will probably be worry. When a weapon comes towards you, it is natural to shrink away. If you have any friends, it would be a good idea try to practise light sparring with anything that won’t hurt being hit with. As soon as you lose your cool, the enemy can push forward and overwhelm you.

With cardio, I personally do press ups, sit ups, leg raises and burpees. They are great because I don’t even have to leave the house to do them. When done properly they work your arms, core and legs. Squats can be good too. Sit ups and squats can be even done in front of the television.

Also, earlier, I mentioned practising sparring. A good thing to use can be an old rapping paper tube.

Good idea. Cardboard tube from inside a roll of present wrapping paper is a good size, and will help with pulling your blows.

“You’re hitting too hard!”
“How can you tell, we’re using cardboard tubes…”
“Because you broke the cardboard over me…”