How do you be as good battle mage?


I was wondering how to be an affective battle mage because most of them use rods and I confused because it doesn’t seem like battle mages deal any damage and how is a rod better than a wand?


So hitting someone with an implement (Wand, Rod or Staff) deals a point of Damage.

Rods are longed than wands, so have greater reach so you can hit people from the same distance most people with a one handed weapon can hit you.

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Any character: Can use a melee weapon up to 42" long. Melee weapons can be used with the hero attack skills (CLEAVE etc). Hitting someone makes them lose 1 Hit. Can use a buckler up to 15" wide.

Magician: Can use a rod up to 42" long or a wand up to 18" long. Hitting someone makes them lose 1 Hit. Rods can be used with an offensive spell. You need to buy the offensive spell. You cna use a rod with a buckler, or a shield if you have the shield skill.

Battle Mage: May wear mage armour for +2 Hits. May use a staff up to 7’ long. Hitting someone makes them lose 1 Hit. Staves can be used with an offensive spell. You need to buy the offensive spell.


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A rod is a functional 1-handed weapon, as well as being a conduit for spells.

So as McGonigle says, you thump someone with a REPEL spell and deal the spell effect +1 point of damage. And if you don’t have a spell ready, you can just thump them without having to put away the wand and draw a sword :slight_smile:

As a battlemage, you’re limited by your mana reserves. A burst of spells, a few via mana crystals, a few potions of mageblood to pep yourself up… another burst of spells… and you’re out of power. With a rod, you can continue fighting, to some extent…

It’s also damn difficult (mechanically impossible?) to parry with a wand :stuck_out_tongue:

Rod and buckler is thus a weapons combination available to all battlemages. Rod and shield uses more xp, is more protective, but does tend to get you pushed towards the front line.

You could also go for a staff instead, and cast through that, but that will attract quite a lot of arrows as folk go “shoot them, they’re an obvious mage with nothing to hide behind!”


I’m a battlemage and use Repel threat effect. Nothing breaks and enemy line like repelling the big orc who’s been blocking everyone with a shield.


Rod’s are effectively the mages “sword”. One handed weapon, used to deliver spells and beat people to death. Think of the wand as the mage “dagger” equivalent.

Staffs are better at beating people to death, and give you a better range mind. The downside is that staff requires 2 hands, and with a rod you can take a shield/buckler to fend off arrows.

As for how to be a good battlemage. Firstly harass people, you can’t take much damage but you can cause immense harm to battle lines and fights if you chose to spend the mana. You present as a threat, because your opponent doesn’t know if you’re just going to try and hit them or going to paralyse/repel/shatter them and these spells can basically decide a fight if used at the right time. You have the potential to be a massive force amplifier and can turn the tide of a fight in seconds.

(This is unfortunately well known to the enemy archers, so watch out as you will be the number 1 target, both because they know you’re dangerous and because they know they can drop you in a single hit.)

Alternatively if you go for the support role use empower, heals and restore limbs to keep people in the fight, but again pick your targets carefully. Healing someone who could easily be taken to a physician behind the lines isn’t a great use of mana. Seeing your heavy plate front line take a cleave to the gap in their armour, and just flicking out a quick swift heal or restore limb so that they’re only out of the fight for half a second is much more effective. Your advantage is your speed, so cast in situations where speed is important.

I’d also recommend getting as comfortable as you can with your weapons, sadly you spend far more time looking for the ideal moment to use your mana than you do casting spells, so be prepared to fight and defend yourself without mana as often as possible. Learning how to fight as a group with others of your nation will do wonders for your life expectancy.

In terms of full on battle, I think the most important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t be trying to hold the line. You can’t take hits and you’re better off either supporting a group of heavies or roaming the fight looking for a point of weakness you can exploit. If you’re standing shoulder to shoulder with your countrymen in the frontline, then you are that point of weakness and someone is going to try and exploit you.

The barbarians aren’t stupid and if they see a section of the line that can be broken with a quick cleave/impale/arrow then they will go straight for it. I’ve repeatedly seen battlelines broken because the mages have been taken down and the monsters split the survivors by pushing the gap.

Random final tip. Talk to your opponent. Doesn’t have to be anything amazing, but a bit of battle field banter always improves a fight and it keeps your opponents on edge as they need to pay attention to whether you’re insulting them or beginning an incantation. :wink:


thank you for all the information it was a grate help to me. and I hopefully see you on the battlefield alive.

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The first rule of empire fight club…I mean battles is:
Strength in Numbers - Find some like minded friends to fight alongside with.

2nd rule of battle club: The group should support each other.
Mages (in my mind) work like a force multiplier.
On their own don’t do a lot of personal continual work(like a sword and board on the line, they don’t have enough HP and cleave weakness is awful) but will provide sudden pressure at one point (shattering a shield to make a sudden opening, supporting a flank push) or relive the pressure at a point (by restoring limbs, repelling a push ect). Instead a battle mage should make everyone else more efficient.

Battle mages are a Scalpel. They wont cut a lion down, but in the right place can hobble it and cause it to be weakened.

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They’re also amazing on skirmishes, because the size of the fight is smaller, and thus each mana spent will affect a greater proportion of the battle. 2 paralyses in a 600-person fight, not a huge deal. 2 paralyses in a 60 person fight is a much larger effect. Remember that going and sitting in a magical Chamber aura replenishes all your mana after 15 min, and lots of IC tea houses and bars have those auras.

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