How do you bond to an item

I’m interested in the Artisan game but can’t find how you bond to an item, at first i though it wasn’t a record thing by PD but then i saw on the character screen it will list bonded items. So i was wondering how to you actually bond to items?

Generally you find a magician to do it. It’s a minute or so of roleplaying where they use whatever national hearth magic they prefer to grant you use of the item. Costs the magician 1 of their personal mana, so best to get it done as early as possible or find someone not going to battle if it has to be done just before the sentinel gate opens.

Then you go see a ref, or go to God, and register that item number (printed on the ribbon) as bound to your character ID, by their character ID.

Breaking the bond works the same.

Only exception: if you are an artisan than can create that item / has that artisan recipe then you can bind one of those items (doesn’t matter if you made that one) to it’s new owner, with out needing to be a magician or use personal mana, using similar roleplay - and the same info for the ref.

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Do rituals work in the same way?

You still need to find a ref, but you can do a single person ritual with just yourself otherwise.

You only need to go to the Regio if you want that +1 lore boost or the ritual needs to be cast at a Regio.

This covers the basics for rituals -

Thank you, I was just wondering where the line between players interacting needs to be known by refs and stuff.

Generally? Where they need to mark down a mechanical advantage or a hard limit, as far as I understand it.

We’re all trusted to keep track of our personal mana, hero points and injuries. It would be a massive undertaking to keep track of such minutiae for 3,000 players, it would slow down the game, and it’s just not relevant to the Empire as a whole. As a result, we use potions, get cleaved, get healed, apply herbs and poultices, etc. on the honour system.

You need a ref when you use a skill to turn one sort of resource into another; GOD takes your herbs and hands you a potion you know how to make, for example. They also allow you to trade your mana for a ribbon as part of certain rituals.

When things go into the online system, you need a ref. That is things like binding or destroying an item ribbon, rituals which change the resources you gain or the power of military assets, etc. They need to know these numbers and values for downtime and updating character sheets.

I can’t think of any others right now, but those are the obvious two; if it goes into the database or it involves surrendering items to GOD, you need a ref or GOD.

Also worth keeping in mind, I’ve been told by folks at GOD that it’s easier for them if the bond is reported by the person creating it, i.e. the magician casting the spell or the artisan who created the item.

So if you’re in the Artisan game, think of it as being your responsibility to keep refs updated on which items are bonded to whom - although it’s not a terribly big deal if the new owner sorts it out themselves, as long as they know your CID.


Being one of those who work in GOD on occasion, we don’t usually mind who reports it, as long as you have all the relevant numbers, and can confirm names to make sure we have the numbers right.

It’s definitely not your responsibility to keep track of the items you have create as an Artisan, especially if you are selling them. It is the responsibility of the item owner to organise the bonding and make sure the system is up to date. That could be you if the item is going to one of your group mates, or the person who commissioned the item comes to collect it and asks you to do the bonding too but it doesn’t have to be. Whoever does the bonding should do the roleplay too, not just be asked for their CID of course.


What kind of RP is required for bonding?

Depends on your nation and what or who you are binding. Look at the Hearth magic and national magic pages on the wiki for inspiration. Whatever you do should take at least 30 seconds but anything that seems right to you and your target will work.

Since I am Highborn, and we are all about religion I might say something like "I bind this Sword to you, my sibling, go in Virtue and use it to smite the Enemies of this Virtuous Empire. " I’d probably also sprinkle water about and possibly ring a bell.

There’s some sample word options on the page about the create bond spell, in case any of them inspire you:

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So would invoking the coins and having a contract be good RP

For the Freeborn? In the Brass Coast, contracts are a part of their hearth magic and so it makes sense in a way that the bonding of the item is a fulfilment of the contract. Just play up the hearth magic aspect, that you had a contract and both parties are fulfilling the terms or something.