How do you write an Arcane Projection?

The rules on the wiki are ok, but more info is better. Does it need to be written like a formulaic ritual with a “Performing the Ritual”, “Effects”, “Description” and “Common Elements” in a similar style as PD?

Some examples would be great (within the rules of the forum of course).

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The form has two sections, IC description & OOC description. To be honest there is quite a lot of overlap between the two sections, and it could be reworked. Here are the things I try to make sure to include.

  • The effect I am after. Try to keep this as precise as it needs to be and no more. ie This ritual will give a small amount of foo to bar, not this ritual will give 2 foo to bar. This allows the team to site it more easily within the principle of proportions. I tend to write this in both IC and OOC terms.
  • Resonances and “based on this formulaic” are your “this is why it might work” section. This again gets written twice.
  • Any restrictions that make the ritual more likely to succeed, eg “must be cast on a baz”
  • No alternate effects (unless you really want to get crazy). One ritual has one realm and one effect, and “if blah then blah” will, at worst, mean your ritual is crazy expensive and at best get rejected so you at least get some mana back.

Don’t worry about “performing” or “common elements”. The rituals form such a standard pattern that unless you’re trying something specifically unusual then “10 minutes at the regio” for territory or empire stuff, etc etc, will get applied automatically. Common elements, by definition, do not apply. This is a one-off idea from the mind of a magician, not a formulaic, commly cast ritual.


The IC section is where you would describe the ritual as if you were talking to another character. So it can still be quite technical, but don’t include OC logistics. You can include what kind of roleplay might be involved like, “Offer a flagon of ale to the Dark Ones” or whatever you’re trying to achieve.

The OC Section wants to include all your OC logistics. Things like Item IDs if you’re casting something on an item, or OC specific phrases like “Will be in effect for the rest of the PD event”. Make it clear what you expect from the ref/plot team.

Pro tip: Don’t make a ritual that needs a lot of work from the ref team on short notice. Either write into your ritual that you’re going to notify them in advance of casting, or that you don’t expect an answer from them immediately (“A response will take a day to be delivered” or “be delivered at the start of the next PD event”).

Spend time reading published rituals, and also speaking to covens and magicians of the realm you’re trying to work on. Your idea might already be tried, or you might be able to avoid some previously discovered pitfalls.


On the rules, it states you can write multiple arcane projections in downtime. I was just curious, what was the number of the upper limit as to how many you can do in downtime? (aside from “dont take the piss”)

Limitation of mana probably. Costs 10 mana per AP to submit them so unless you have that in your account at downtime you can’t do it.