How hard is it to find ritualist?

there is a ritual i want to have done (Fountain of Life) , but im worried about spending too much of the too short weekend having to hunt down and herd someone to perform the ritual. Generally how hard is it to find someone to do any ritual?

i know it can vary between persons/events, that why i want to know how hard it is generally.

side question, what are some common rituals that people/covens have mastered or that non-ritualist want done?

Both of those questions are best answered in game to be honest.

Most nations have at least someone with each realm mastered, so it will be a matter of going around and asking your groups. The egregores may be able to help point you in the right direction at least.

Otherwise the archmages should know, they will be very busy, but may have assistants who could help.

And then you will need to either persuade someone with a lot of spring power that you are worth their time - they are likely to be busy, or you will need to persuade a coven that you are worth one of their 2 coven slots for that day.

I would suspect the amount of money/resources etc that you are willing to spend on it will greatly affect how easy it is to find someone to do it.

And all of the above depends entirely on which characters are at the event, and who you know. There is very little that can be generalised.

I’ve had few problems finding ritualists who can cast, slightly more problems logistically getting people to the regio and sorting mana etc.

I can’t speak for that ritual in particular though, I don’t know of it.

I think there are quite a few spring ritualists in Dawn but lining up for Regio and paying the ritualists will be the longest bit, if you managed to get it done on the Friday it would give best possible results and wouldn’t have to worry prepping for main battles.

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Finding ritualists is suprisingly easy tbh, they generally advertise themselves quite well.

Mastery varies massively across the field, to the point where it’s very difficult to say what is actually common, except a few of the massively profitable economic rituals. Covens will tend to advertise their mastered rituals though so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem

You could try advertising? A note in the Hall of Worlds, a flier in the pub, asking for a Spring Coven?

Or you could wander around the nations pestering folk and trying to find the ones you need.

At a guess, an hour or so’s searching, socialising and questioning will find you the relevant coven, and you might be able to book a slot with them for, if not on Friday, then likely on Saturday or Sunday.

If they had it mastered and cast it at the regio two or three spring mages could sort you out. So yes most nations have at least some Spring mages, even Highguard, so a bit of asking around should sort you. Also that ritual is one which makes mages more useful as healers on the battlefield so you should get some support and help in that.

And that side question is a huuuuuge one and probably best asked on the field. As you don’t need to spend your xp on lore or mastery slots straight away you can keep some aside while you find out what the situation is on the ground in your nation and work out who you’d like to team up with, then tromp up to GOD and get that sorted. But the effort of going round and introducing yourself to mages in your nation won’t be wasted :slight_smile:.

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If you want a ritualist walk into Urizen, walk up to the first person you see in a robe, odds are they’re a ritualist. If you want a specific realm then they’ll likely be able to point you in the right direction.