How Often to Exorcisms Take Place?


I’m hoping to make a Questor Priest of the Way, and I was wondering how many times an exorcism needs to be conducted each event roughly? Also, how can priests cure spiritual wounds besides excorcism?


This depends slightly on which plots the characters have decided to poke…

If there have been wraiths and spectres and dread curses and stranger things (The Eater of Hope, for example), then there will be extensive call for exorcists.

If they’ve generally been going to to toe with the Jotun (who don’t do anything more complex than Axe-To-Face), then you’ll be un-needed.

But I suspect there to be be about a dozen calls for an exorcist per event? I think that a few others here can comment with a little more knowledge…?

It’ll be one of those skill sets similar to house insurance: you won’t need it often, but when you do, you REALLY need it…


Between the Eater of Hope, The Black Plateau, Druj wraiths and general horror; you will most likely be in demand in Urizen at the moment.


Also note that not all calls for priestly skills are calls for exorcism. A lot of of False Virtue aura’s for example need to be broken by use of the same skill that created them in the first place Annointing being a very common one.

Urizen isn’t doing too badly at the moment, we have a decent exorcist Corp, led by the Imperial Exorcist,

That said there are plenty of times that the skill comes in useful, mostly for getting rid of ghosts, etc. That said It really depends on the plot going on and where I end up some events I use it a dozen times, some events I never get my Liao out of my bag. its very much a reactive effect and as such you have to be proactive with it.

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How much you selling that Liao for?

(Joking - That’s an IC thing :wink: )


Oh ok, thanks for the information. By the way, can Priests of the Way help contribute to an anointing and hallowing ceremonies?


Yes, priests of the Way are wildcards when it comes to boosting ceremonies.


I know they can’t do anointing and hallowing ceremonies, but can they contribute to the ceremonies of others?


Thanks for all the help btw all ^^


So as a priest of the Way you can use Anointing, Hallowing and consecration (the three aura creating skills) in one of two ways:

  • to disrupt an existing aura leaving nothing behind (useful for destroying false virtue aura’s, certain curses and so on.)
  • To boost another priest of ANY virtue. A dedicated priest can only work with other priests of their Virtue or Sect (grumble, grumble) but a Undedicated Priest can work with anyone to bolster their magnitude.
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Thanks. Does that mean if a group of priests wants to remove a spiritual wound they can do so in the same way as they might remove a personal aura? Also, to increase the strength of an aura can one priest do it simply by expending more Liao or are other priests required?


The sort answer: It depends.
The long answer: The spiritual trauma wounds, like regular trauma wounds provide all sorts of things, From exorcicing the touch of a wraith to… well tbh that’s the only one I’ve seen but I imagine some where you need to rededicate or hallow some one, anoint an item so that they must carry ect. It could be anything and the plot teams imagination is the limit.


So for strength of aura’s: Each priest can use one liao per ceremony. There is NO way to increase this with XP. The only ways to achieve a higher magnitude are through the use of artisan items, potions, etc. or through working with other Priests who are compatible (same Virtue, Same Sect or of the Way.)

as for Spiritual curses I’ve seen ones that needed the soul to be Excommunicated and then that excommunication to be removed, I’ve seen Druj Miasma pillars that needed Consecrations to dispel their foulness, I’ve seen cursed items that needed Hallow to remove their darkness, I’ve seen ghosts that needed Exorcism to get rid of. None of these are Common by any stretch of the imagination but every skill has its uses.