How to get on Quests at Empire

Ok in PD terminology Quests are missions through the Sentinel Gate with 30 (or less) people on them. They’re announced by all kinds of means from long term investigation, your Egregore telling people, to a runner turning up with 15 minutes notice for people to get to the gate.

We’ve got an old thread with advice on the subject here but I thought I’d revisit it as we’ve just started the new year.

So how do you increase your chances of getting on some quests at Empire and do you have any advice for what to do when you’re on them?

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  1. Make lots of friends in a variety of nations and let them know you’re up for quests - and make sure they know where they can find you. Quest hooks wander randomly into the field and may land anywhere, so the wider your web of contacts who know how to fetch you in a hurry, the more likely you are to get on a quest.

  2. Pick up Chirurgeon and hang around at the hospital. Chirurgeon is only one point and not only can you get someone back up on one hit after 30s treatment, they also stop dying during that time - and you can do it all day for free.

The hospital is right by the Sentinel Gate so you can go and offer your services to quest parties that are forming there and might be under-strength or in need of more healing. It’s also a great vantage point to spot magicians checking the Sentinel Gate for conjunctions, which they usually need to do before anyone gets on a quest.

  1. Make the most of main battles - finding an excuse to work with a range of different units and demonstrating your ability to follow instructions and fight okay will put you higher in people’s minds when recruiting.

  2. Make sure your egregore knows you’re up for it - your egregore will often know if there’s something going down and has every reason to try to involve you, especially if you don’t have much else going on. Similarly, the Three Refrains bards can often point you in an interesting direction that might lead to a quest.

  3. Practice conspicuously - running a good combat drill will show off your skills and availability.

  4. Stick your nose into things - don’t be afraid to approach people and ask what they’re up to and if they need any help, especially e.g. people casting Detect Magic on the Sentinel Gate if what you want to help with is quests. This is generically good advice for having fun at Empire - if you’re not careful it will make you too busy to go on the quest after all ;).


Sit around in Dawn :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, more seriously basically it comes down to a few things:
Finding places people look for fighters, around the Dawnish Glory square is one, around the hospital means if they are short you can slip in easily. (I have no clue for other nations)
If there isn’t one in your nation, try to make one, anything which makes it easier to grab bodies in a rush from when I organise quests is a bonus. If your group tent is tucked away at the back of the Navarr woods, it’s a bad place to wait.
Also if you are a small and unknown group, make connections to a better known group, quite possibly spend some time hanging out with them.

Speed in getting down to the gate
It’s pretty difficult to get exactly the right number, even if you have all the time in the world people can find other commitments, loose track of time etc.
Being down there early and keen is going to help with that.
If you are in a group have one person press for more information while the others get armoured up.

Fighters are good, Warrior Physiks are better, Combat exorcists etc, there was a period I could get on all the Dawnish quests by having that combination of Physik and wearing armour (It’s less the case now, but might be for other nations.)
You have another skill that might be useful though the gate (Physik and the Priest ones are obvious.)

Make Friends
If you keep seeing the same three faces organising skirmishes, they are a good three people to get to know, be helpful to them, and let them know that it’s a bit of game you are interested in. Also offer to help out, aside from the oppertunity that hafd 4 different groups orgainising it, I’ve never failed to get on a quest I have helped orgainise.

Finally try not to get disheartened if you fail to get on one.

Don’t Drink
If getting on quests is your number one priority the least oversubscribed ones are late Saturday night, particularly the events closer to the OOC Summer Solstice .

(Finally finishing the post I started two months ago, but it doesn’t seem a bad time to raise the thread)


I tend to act as a plot redistribution hub due to my willingness to march all over the field recruiting specialists or extra goons for quests. So:

Think like a soldier.
You want to be able to go on a quest at short notice? Be ready for it so when someone runs up yelling “I need 15 people for a commando raid on the Mourn RIGHT NOW” you can gear up and head out.

Know where your weapons and armour are, and have them accessible and ready to equip yourself with. Have your potion and mana stash somewhere accessible too.

Know the Plot Hounds
Ever nation has a few people who either try to find every plot or get yoinked into them by dint of knowing stuff. Get to know these people and have an occasional chat about if they need assistance. If you see them running somewhere urgently, wander over there.

Get organising
A few nations and groups have chalkboards with stuff on. Running your nation a Quest Chalkboard or similar could be a good way to encourage people sharing information by a more central point than the gossip grapevine.

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This is not advice on how to get onto quests, but a note that while some quests are combat focused, some are not, so if you’re interested in things that do not involve combat then some of the advice above may also be useful for you. :slight_smile: