Hunting goods?

I’m an American, and an avid hunter to boot. I was wondering if people would actually want to buy real animal goods (for IC Money) like buck antlers, deer bones, duck and turkey feathers, and other such things. And if such a thing is even ok at empire in general.

I’m sure some people would, and others wouldn’t. I don’t know where the law stands on bringing stuff like that into the country though

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That, is a very good point. I’m seeing things on “meat product” restrictions. But that seems pretty vague to me. I’ll definitely see what I can dig up, and thank you!

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If you’re selling bits of animals for IC money, then you aren’t actually making a trade out of it, in law, as far as I know. You aren’t making any real-world profit out of it.

Whether this counts as “personal use” or “gifts” is not is not up to me.

Now, assuming all your stuff is dried, preserved, or otherwise very dead, it shouldn’t be too much of a biological hazard. Again, not up to me.

I will also note that you may not make much IC money off these (a few rings each?), as what you are selling are going to be bits of costume, accessories and accoutrements. Although the antlers will likely sell for people wanting to play changelings :slight_smile:

You could certainly sell that sort of thing at Empire, as a peddler (link below), selling bits off a tray, out of a case, or whatever.


You sir are a god send. Thank you! I had figured that if I wasn’t selling them for real money it’d be fine but I had to make absolutely sure. I certainly didn’t want to throw away 6 sets of antlers in customs for no reason lol

I take it you checked with an official source?

Oh, and don’t try to explain LARP to border security officials. Describe stuff as “theatrical props…”