I need to deliver a 5 minute lecture on LARP/Empire - how do you describe what LARP is?

Hi everyone,

The title says it all really.

How do you describe what LARP is to a group of people who have never head of the concept?

(When it comes to talking about empire etc. I’m all good)

Thanks in advance.

“There are some kids who, as they grew up, never stopped playing football. There are also some kids who, as they grew up, never stopped playing cowboys and indians.”

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There’s Holly’s video as a starter point (below).
I reccomend talking in terms of storytelling, or film, or theatre…

Phrases I have used…

Full contact improv theatre?

Historical re-enactment crossed through Lord of the Rings?

Imagine a Shakespearean play. Complete with all the drama, comedy, tragedy, swordfights, magic, faeries and politics. With up to thousands of improvising actors, on a stage a kilometer along each edge, with no audience, no script, and lasting three days…

LARP (Live-Action Role-Playing) is a mechanism for generating stories. Tales of adventure, tales of wonder, tales of romance and tragedy and anything else. This is done through improvised drama as part of a big game. All the players of the game play as a character they make up, and then bounce off each other, and a story emerges. This is guided by the organisers, often termed the referees or Refs, who may offer hints, set up scenes, send in “extras” for the characters to deal with, and deal with any rules for the game.


Hi there,

So from experience of delivering Lectures/ Training / Seminars. I always find that it’s easier for people to grasp information if they have a focal point that they can relate to. Try to make the object or association relatable to your target audience, LoTR, Brothers Grimm Fairy tales (most people will have fond memories of being read fairy tales as a child), Game of Thrones etc., This will then give them a baseline in their own minds from which to expand on the information you provide


ooo, good point. If you can hand round a phys-rep, that would likely help. Can you do a slideshow in piccies as well?

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Possibly an association slide show i.e. who in mythology/fantasy would you associate this with and why? Or even do a written game, which mythological/fantasy character from book/ film or tv do you associate yourself with and why? This gets interaction and makes the exercise fun and enjoyable for all. Maybe once you have them associate with said character, maybe show a series of slides and ask them to think how their associated persona would react in given situations, maybe hand around an actual suit of chain or plate armour segments to dispel the disillusion that American Larp has caused in movies. Then maybe congratulate them all at the end and explain that whilst doing said exercise they were Roleplaying :slight_smile:


Roleplaying is a way of having adventures. You start with a setting you can all agree on, maybe like Victorian London or Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. You have skills, and then you use your overactive imagination. Larp is like that but with exercise, and it feels more real because of all the costumes and tents on set, especially at Empire. It’s like acting, but you tell the story. Empire is amazing because there are entertainers and first aiders all over the place, and the whole game revolves around giving you reasons to do things, like Courage and Ambition.

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