IC Letter-writing Etiquette?


I need to write my first piece of IC mail, and I was wondering if there’s any sort of format etiquette? Like how we have “Dear __, content, With regards” and that kind of thing?

Thanks :slight_smile:

It probably depends on nation :slight_smile:

I can see Urizen and Highguard having quite formal letter writing conventions, while Dawn, Marches and Wintermark are blunt as anything.

If you write the letter the way your character would speak, that’ll probably be well recieved :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know of any format etiquette. Have you asked on your national FB page?

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Yeah, I’m Wintermark so I cant imagine there’d be a rigid structure honestly, just wanted to check.

I haven’t asked on the FB, but I might just go for it. I don’t imagine the person I’m writing to will care :joy: just don’t wanna look like a fool

Currently playing WM, I think as long as it fits your character it’s not going to be a massive issue, if you didn’t want to be formal just use their name as the first words, instead of Dear Jim,
just write

Main body of letter.

Have been signing off my letters with appropriate virtues with vigilance etc or may the virtues guide you but if you aren’t religious overly as a character maybe something like wishing you good health or similar?

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ooh I like the virtues idea! This one isn’t relevant to any virtues really, but I’ll use that in future :slight_smile:

If you can sending either an actual physical letter by royal mail (chance to get the sealing wax and fancy inks out) or electronically formatted so it can be printed out (PDF will save font choices etc) does mean that your correspondent can bring them to the field as actual phys reps which is cool.

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