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Not sure if this is the best place to ask this, but I’ve been wondering what printed materials were available IC. Not just stories but other bits and pieces, such as information pamphlets. I know there is The Pledge and there is a lending library (which I haven’t visited yet), but it would also be nice to know what other things are being “published” and sold (I absolutely love collecting books and stuff like this in games, so this is just an extension of that really!).

There’s definitely music books in Varushka.

There is a least one book publishing house out there that does IC publications about the constitution, the law, synod, the way and everything to do with how the Empire works.

There’s an illustrated Fashion Magazine which is fabulous.

I know at least one person selling historical accounts and books of essays on learned subjects.

There are people out there selling prophetic apocrypha surrounding a famous alleged ‘prophet’ :slight_smile:

I do hope people are out there selling bad romance novels IC as they definitely exist :slight_smile:

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There is a thriving historical research and speculation pamphlet trade if that might interest you. There are libraries in every nation and I’m peripherally involved in an attempt to catalogue them.

(And I can confirm the existence of bad romantic fiction, though I’m yet to write any of it for Empire myself…)

I can add my “Encyclopaedia Imperialys; Or: A Landskeeper’s Companion”. Some First Edition copies exist in the Marches, and one each in the academy and the Freeborn loan library. A second, expanded version, with some 70 pages, will come out after next event (because I want more images and need to sort out printing and in particular binding).

It has served me well in the past for random questions I had in the field, and I encourage IC pirate copies by taking the XeLaTeX code from github and modifying it – or OOC “pirate” (it’s mostly CC-BY-SA, except some Wiki pictures which are free for Empire use, so no illegality there) by downloading a revision pdf and printing it yourself, in particular if you come by and tell me you got one.

There are more magazines out there, in addition to the Pledge and the fashion magazine there’s one for military types (The Outrider?) and one with more religious zeal (The Torch?) I know of.
Other more-than-two-pages things I have seen or know of are more music books (the Marches have two song books), ISoM knowledge, and books listing useful rituals.

There’s at least one newspaper that has daily editions.

Quite a lot of people have books/pamphlets of information collated from the wiki and put into IC format with various amounts of editing and alteration; some of these people sell copies.

Quite a few song-books for sale, but I’ve not seen any with music, only lyrics.

Many advertisements, posters, flyers etc.

Maps of the Empire: political ones, military ones, pretty ones…

Various pamphlets/booklets along the lines of “Useful things that {some category of people} need to know about {some subject}”.

I, through the Occhi Rossi, publish a set of pamphlets (available from the Iron Raptor tent)


  • The Eternals of the Empire (available in a series of six pamphlets), that I’m also looking to have available as a book (but probably not in time for E1)
  • An Imperial Bestiary, in two volumes
  • A Gazetteer of the Empire (currently available: Brass Coast, League, Urizen, Varushka, Wintermark - all with maps)
  • Enemies of the Empire
  • Neighbours of the Empire
  • Our Trading Partners
  • The Thule and Otkodov (including a map)
  • Druj and the Barrens (including a map)
  • Conflict Areas of the Empire (based on the latest publically available intelligence - including maps)
  • Runes - A Primer
  • Eternals - A Primer
  • A Soldier’s Tongue (an IC description of all of the weapon and combat calls)
  • The Trader’s Friend (a single page with descriptions of all the magical materials on one side and a ring/crown/throne ready-reckoner on the other)

(why are maps important? Ask a mage that can cast a ritual that targets a territory)

I’m also investigating demand for the following:


  • A book on Senate Procedure and Precedent. This would include templates for different types of motions
  • A book on Conclave Procedure and Precedent
  • A book on Synod Procedure and Precedent

[quote=“RichardFannon”]I, through the Occhi Rossi, publish a set of pamphlets (available from the Iron Raptor tent)

Would you mind posting a price list? I can’t get to E1 but would LOVE a set of, well… all of those sound really interesting!

I think we are starting to stray a little into ‘playing the game via forums instead of at the event’ here - perhaps you could drop Paul_Cat a PM instead, RichardFannon?

There is clearly a heck of a lot of stuff being published across the field though, which is awesome. :slight_smile:

There are broadly two types of IC publication you can find on the field (okay, they overlap a bit):

  • IC repackagings of information that’s on the wiki. Things like “what are the nations and their territories and regions” and “what are rituals / herbs” and (to some extent) “how do Conclave / Senate / Synod work” that are already publically on the wiki, but it’s useful to have in an IC reference. This is stuff you could make for yourself, but sometimes it’s easier to pay someone else for doing the arrangement of it, and some of the things in this category may be more clearly laid out than you might manage on your own!

  • IC stuff that isn’t on the wiki, but has come from plot / someone wanting to disseminate their opinion / someone deciding that Empire needs actual IC romance novels for sale. This can overlap a little bit with the first category - someone publishing a compendium of historical information might use a lot of wiki content, but also some things that have come up during play. Someone publishing a pamphlet about magic for therapeutic use may use a lot of the ritual descriptions but also their own opinions. Someone writing an essay that looks like heresy if you squint may mix the wiki pages on religion and their own ideas… you get the picture. :slight_smile: Newspapers and magazines also fall into this category.

I can think of people in just about every nation who are putting out pamphlets or newspapers or books, so perhaps the best way to go about looking for this is to ask around at the next event IC - you won’t be disappointed. :slight_smile:

I knew there was stuff out there, fantastic to see just how much!

I guessed that some of it would basically be repackaged wiki content, but I don’t mind the idea of paying someone IC for a well-arranged, good looking copy of it.

I shall definitely try to track these things down - still a newbie (only done one event so far), so it can be hard to figure out where to get hold of things! I found The Pledge tent last time, though none of the other publications. Where is the Iron Raptor tent?

Last time it was very close to Varushka, on the end of the run of traders our side of the hedge… but who knows at the new site!

I mean, is it part of a specific Nation or one of the more general tents? I’ve only heard about the Raptors in passing.

It’s not a nation tent, it’s a general tent, run by PD. :slight_smile:

profounddecisions.co.uk/empi … on_Raptors

It’ll be in the Trader’s area, part of the Irregular Props/Light Armouries/As If By Magic/Tipsy Rabbit conglomeration. Last time it was next to the pub

If you look for a trader’s tent with a large awning outside with a firepit surrounded by scary people and a big banner with the Raptor’s logo, that’ll be it

I’ll be bringing the pamphlets up Saturday morning