IC politics/gossip/controversies - what's everyone talking about?

Courage or Pride vs Prosperity - The Brass Coast just made it more expensive for their ships to trade, in response to the Prosperity Assembly describing thievery as unprosperous, which some have taken to include privateering.

As others have said, who will the next Emperor/Empress be? Was it drinking true liao that caused Empress Lisabetta to disappear?

We have so many wars that I heard Military Council said we couldn’t fight them all, necessitating the temporary treaty with the Grendel.

One I think about a lot is what will we find when we get rid of the Vallorn under x territory? How soon can we free souls from the Vallorn? Is it worth making a deal with x Eternal?

There are people who think dealing with Eternals is unvirtuous. Although for most of the nations there will be a character who thinks they’re unvirtuous in some way.

Do you need all the Virtues to get through the Labyrinth, or just your best one?

Is the Commonwealth, now expanding, an ally or a threat?

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That may be a bit too close to an IC conversation or contentious statement. This is one of the tricky areas of asking about rumors in the PD forum. Players can read more about the Brass Coast trade and privateering opportunity, judgement, and mandate on the wiki.

That may also be a bit too close to an IC conversation or contentious statement. Players can read about the conflict, judgements (132 and 133), diplomatic opportunity, senate motion for an ambassador to the Grendel, and senate motion to ratify a treaty with the Grendel on the wiki.

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