Iconic Costume Piece

Reguarding each nation, whats one costume piece/element that makes it clear to everyone your from that nation? meaning, you could be wearing something barely on brief but because your wearing that particular element everone knows where your from.
The League has their feathered hats and the orcs have… well the fact they’re orcs. what else?

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Is this where we pull out our national stereotypes and wave them around gleefully? :slight_smile:

Dawn = a circlet of flowers

Brass Coast: tagelmust, bright clashing colours, light and floaty layers, jewellery.

<waves the Freeborn flag*>

*Not that we’d have anything as unifying as a flag, obvs. :wink:

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Orcs have their leather War Kilts and their hand wraps I believe. I think the wraps are there from recent history when they obscured the damage from wearing chains. Also they look cool and mean less makeup for folks :slight_smile:.

Highguard it’s hoods and veils, I really like the way that “hoods up” is a signal for Srs Bsns in Highguard :slight_smile:.


For Varushka, any hat that is obviously the best hat, either the classic fur-lined warm hat for most Varushkans or the awesome pointy hats for volhovs.


There’s nothing that makes me feel like I look more Dawn/Marches than a Chaperon.

The distinctive silhouette of the hat just makes me think of those two nations specifically (remember their shared pre-Imperial history), and the fabric is what sets the hat up as one or the other. With some overlap in the middle as low-status Dawn and high-status Marches sometimes does - the hat probably belongs to a wealthy yeoperson in either nation.


The Marcher Coif.
This weekend at a player event someone was confused about where my monk was from until he stuck on his Emergency Coif to solve the poor man’s confusion :smile:

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So, here’s what i see so far:
Highguard: Hood/Veil
Brass Coast: Tagekmust/ lots of bright colour
Orcs: Hand wraps/ Being Orcs
Varushka: Best hats
Dawn: Chaperon/Armour
Marcher: Coif
Urizen (my 2 rings): Belt sash/robes

what about Leauge, wintermark and Navarr?

I’m going to take a guess here and go for…

The feathered floppy hat for the League

Something leather with knotwork and inlay for the Wintermarkers.

And an interesting tattoo with a thorn/bramble motif for the Navarri

May I ask why a flower crown?

Dawn has a flower language for favours and messages, a flower festival where these are delivered by a masked “Knight of Flowers”, and a tendancy to decorate things with flowers. Especially roses.

Because I think that flowers in the hair looks terribly romantic? Because there have been some great photos of Dawnish knights wearing full plate armour and a crown of flowers?

Graham’s right though. the Chaperon is probably a better bet :slight_smile:

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I would argue that the truly iconic League costume piece is a handful of ostentatiously large rings.

Graham - my favourite thing about that analysis is the different ways you can wear a chaperon mark you as from one nation or the other. I can see a Dawnish yeoman wearing a chaperon the hood way, but i can’t imagine a Marcher ever wearing a chaperon on top of their head unless they were mocking a Dawnish noble!

I think the coif is the iconically Marcher item, without something on their head they could be an under-dressed Steinr or a more settled Navarri.

Wintermark - tunics and cloaks. They differ in style between the three people but should be the base kit for everyone in the nation

Navarr - leather, natural colours and tattoos

League - masks, ribbons, feathered hats and half-capes

Conan I know a guy who played a League bodyguard and who had 8 rings made - each with a throne welded into it. I was DESPERATE to make some prosthetics of the reverse of the coin and have the war wounds to show for a punch up with him…

I think every ring worn by a member of the League is meant to have its own meaning, so this might be a little shocking to some people. I mean, I have a story for each ring (one for my marriage, one for my military unit, one for my medical practice and one for… something else)