Idea for a character

Due to some changes of ideas in the group I’m in, I may be playing as an Orc instead of the Navarr character I had planned. I had an idea to play an Orc who had been in his teens or early twenties during the slave rebellion, who is now a grumpy, stubborn, grizzled old warrior in his 60’s/70’s (mainly because I like the idea of playing a grumpy old sod :stuck_out_tongue:). Anyway, I was wondering if this was a workable idea? And if it is, if anyone has tried it already and has some advice about it?

There are already a few people playing like concepts, More importantly would be to attach yourself or create a group as Orcs don’t like to be alone. Having a group will give you the sense of “belonging” that orcs need, Even if it is just 2-3 of you.