Im new to LARP and have a few questions about healers

Hello im new to larp and was looking for some tips, im going to try and play a Wintermark healer. First of all does anyone have any tips for the outfit and any Phys-Reps i may need (I want to be a battle healer and on-site healer)
Second point - if im going into battle as a healer will i need a weapon or can i just stay back with a small dagger?
Third point - is there an IC medic tent on site that i can go to after a battle and help others?
Fourth and final point - will i be able to make money (In game money) from healing people and selling potions?

Thank you for reading this and giving me any tips.
Im also a solo player and possibly looking for a group if anyone wants to take me as their healer.

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Evatrio, welcome to the game and these forums :smiley:

I’d offer you a place in my group, but I’m in Dawn, not Wintermark. I suspect someone will try to recruit you soon, and if not, just head along to the Wintermark Facebook page. I would definately reccomend you find a group to join for your first larp, even if you don’t spend much time with them.

First: I can reccomend some form of light armour, even for a healer on the battlefield. Light armour = +2 hits, and that will keep you alive from a passing blow or two. I can visualise a Wintermark battle healer in ;eather vest, shoulderpads, bracers and helmet, possibly with some interesting decoration, over a dark shirt and trousers. With a large pouch on one hip, a sword on the other, and possibly a bandolier of bandages and potions as well.

Second: Yes a sword. Or an axe, or something. Fairly reasonably, the barbarians like trying to kill the healers. You may find yourself having to parry a blow or two, or being able to finish off that last orc, and that’s always useful. Heck, if you’re carrying a mace, you could even use it medically (“Hold still, I’m going to bash that shoulder back into place, this is going to hurt…”)…

Third: Hell yes. The Imperial Hospital (set up by PCs during the game) is a dull green tent with a banner (carrying the rune of blood, red on white) that sets up next to the Sentinel Gate every event. They heave triage stations, benches, supplies, experienced (IC and OOC) personel, and knowledge of every sort of horrible injury. An excellent place to learn the medic game.

Fourth: Tricky one this. Lets assume you’ve gone full healer, including apothecary and a herb garden resource. You can sell off a few herbs, make potions for other people for a small fee (especially if they’re supplying the herbs), but the actual patching up of folk is normally done for free. At the hospital, they have a donations basin, which funds their work. I’ve heard of League doctors who leave their business card in the bandages of patients (“If you have survived, it has been due to the work of Dr X, maybe you should buy them a drink next time you see them. Reccomend me to your friends!”). But as a rule, you don’t charge for saving the lives of people on the field of battle. Given that they have probably been fighting hard on the front lines, you could say they’ve paid in advance…
Or, to put it another way: Apothecary you can make some money from. Battlefield healer you can make some friends from.

Happy to discuss physreps and where to get them on request :slight_smile:

Thank you for such a wholehearted reply and thank you for the very useful information, you seem like a very helpful person and i thank you for this.

for your first point i would like to say that i technically have not started buying or making any phys reps for my character yet so if you recommend it i am willing to change nations to dawn and join your group as i cant find many wintermark groups at the moment (Hoping that if i do you would recommend phys reps and costumes)
also have gone full healer with no other points in anything other than surgical skills and i am thinking about buying a small sword and a dagger (the sword for self defence and the dagger for RP purposes) Just bear in mind that i am 16 years of age and you may not want me in your group.

Well, I will make suggestions and give what aid I can regardless of nation.

But you should probably go for whichever nation looks most fun to you, and then find a group in that.

If that brings you to Dawn, you’d be welcome to join. Happy to have new people, of whatever age or experience! I’m also familiar with the rules you’d be using, as my first character was a battlefield healer/apothecary.

[Bribery: Join my group and I’ll lend you some phys-reps for the first event or two :p]

My House in Dawn is House Dromond, and we’re on this thread for further details (posted March 27th):

And as mentioned, the Wintermark Facebook group:

Additionally: If you haven’t booked for the next event yet, I (and other players) can also supply a discount code for a cheaper first event. On request, wherever you end up.

Well before i started looking for groups the original nations i was torn between was in fact Dawn and Wintermark so i would be willing to join you - the concept of your group also sounds amazing but i have a few concerns

Will i have to make my costume more pirate themed (and will it have to be in the groups colours?) because im not really into that and also will i have to talk in some kind of pirate voice? also will i be able to keep my herb garden since i will really need that being a healer and all

Another point with the bribery i would like to add (Nice convincing by the way) with the free phys reps that you would lend me if i end up liking them would you consider selling them to me? ooc of course?

An extra point that im not to worried about since your helping me right now but id just like to mention is im assuming your group is very kind and welcoming?

EDIT: also i have not booked yet because i have not got any of the kit i need and i am currently sitting me GCSEs

Let me clarify: the pirate stuff is in downtime only. And we’re more [Sir Francis Drake in plate armour] than [Long John Silver] :slight_smile: No piratical costume or voices. Please no silly voices. I use a fair bit of sailing terminology and metaphors, but that’s about it.

if you want to start as a yeoman in Dawn, then you don’t need any colours, although if you can get something appropriate, that’s good. If you want to start as a noble, then we’d have a good look round for something coloured as befits your station.

A herb garden is what I’d reccomend. This can easily be (in-game) the traditional gardens attached to our shoreline castle, or a selection of small ships combing the coast of the Semmerlak for rare coastal herbs, or whatever. If you’re playing an apothecary/healer, take a herb garden and we’ll worry about all else later.

I’ve been doing LARP for years and have quite a few things I don’t really use any more. So I could certainly sell a few 2nd hand to you if you like.

Yeah, my group is kind and welcoming. The only player who might look at you suspicously is my son, who’ll be 4 years old this summer. He looks at everyone like that :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, exam season plays havoc with planning stuff… one of our group dropped out of last event due to exam clashes. Good luck with the GCSEs.

Okay then seems like you have convinced me enough to join you :grin:

just a few more questions (Sorry) What archetype should i pick if im going to be a healer in Dawn, what should i put for the Test of Mettle? and what typical armour / style do dawnish wear?

also thank you for the good luck :+1:

EDIT: also could you explain what Downtime is? i dont really understand it. Also i think its great that your son plays too! i hope to meet him and get along with him!

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There are some hints and photos on here:

Something pretty impressive and colourful, ideally.

Are you on facebook, as Dromond and Dawn have groups that I could add you to?

You only need a Test of Mettle if you plan to start as a noble. And you don’t have to fill in all the details etc now :slight_smile: Archetype has no actual in-game effect, it’s just a concept for thinking about characters.

Uptime is the time spent playing your character at events.
Downtime is what your character does between events, such as:
Marching in support of the Imperial armies
Trading with strange nations beyond the seas
Crafting wondrous enchanted items
Harvesting and upgrading your herb garden
(these have mechanical effects in game)
Training, meeting people, feasts, romances, healing people, going on boat trips, duelling that annoying cousin, and whatever
(and anything else that does not have a mechanical effect, and is just for flavour and stories).
If your resource is a herb garden, and you are not an artisan, you don’t really have anything to do in downtime.

With a herb garden and a pre-booked character, you’d get a small pack waiting for you each event with a few herbs (represented by cards) in it.

Potions are made in uptime at events. You take the herbs along to the Games Operation Desk (known as GOD) and swap them in for the right potion. Your character, on the other hand, is probably busily brewing, distilling, and mixing tinctures for a while.

Sorry, got carried away…

Oh, and when you book, you can input the following code for your first event:
This will give you (and me) a £15 discount on your ticket.

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Ah okay so downtime is basically what your character does in between event that can give you benefits based on what they do - so will i need an artisan skill to improve my herb garden or will i be able to get someone to do it for me?

And yes i am on facebook would you like me to private message you my name? or can you link the groups in the forums?

also do you recommend me making my costume green for a healer? because i was thinking of making it black and purple

Here’s the Dawn FB:

And House Dromond is a secret group, so PM me your FB name, or join Dawn first and I’ll invite you.

Actually, PM me your Facebook name and I can add you to both…

Upgrading a herb garden is expensive. We could probably get it enchanted a little more easily :slight_smile:

I reccomend making your costume green if you can to some extent, but that’s because of the house colours being sea-green (some variation). Black and purple may get you mistaken for different houses.

Oh yes, do you want to start as a noble or a yeoman?

whats the difference in Noble or Yeoman?

Also how do i PM you?

Left click on my big green G, it brings up a dialogue box with the option for a message top right.

As for Noble vs Yeoman, you may want have a look here:

In summary, the nobles are the knightly and ruling class of Dawn, and they get there by doing awesome deeds (Tests of Mettle). The yeomanry do the farming, trading, and making all the important stuff. They also expect the nobles to fight and die on their behalf, and are rarely dissappointed. It’s a surprisingly meritocratic society.

Given that those characters at Anvil are the movers and shakers of the Empire, there are a lot of nobles.

Left clicking on your big G just brings up your profile but no option to message you is it because my account is still new on the forum?

Also i think i might be a Yeoman Healer

Dammit yes, that might well be it. Just request to join the Dawn FB group then, and I’ll invite you to Dromond.

Yeoman is a good choice, as it allows you a good deal of flexibility. You have less responsibilities and can change house or even nation without too much fuss.

I have requested to join the FB group the admins just need to accept me then I will be in there

Good job. I have sent you a PM (not sure if you can read it), but we shall continue this on FB or email :slight_smile:

The Anvil Hospital and Imperial School of Imperial Medicine Facebook Group

Hello potential Physick.