Imperial Symbol/Coat of Arms

Is there a Symbol or coat of arms that represents the empire as a whole? I couldn’t see anything on the wiki that might be. :stuck_out_tongue:

The horse is a very Imperial symbol, although the crown and throne are also pretty symbolic. (I think…)

Yup what they said, the civil service uses the horse head as a symbol but I’ve also seen it on imperial banners as well.

Awesome, that’ll do, thanks :smiley:

Follow on question to this…

Is there a particular colour that would be associated with the empire?

The ‘Imperial colour’ is purple.

It’s quite deliberate that there’s no canonical single symbol for the Empire*. There are suggested symbols and often suggested colours, but the idea is that players can take those suggestions and build their own interpretation, which will be slightly distinct from all the others.

*Or for nations, virtues, the way, etc etc.

If you say ‘horse’s head rampant on a purple field’ it sounds awesome. If you say ‘a purple horse’ it sounds like something out of My Little Pony.