In character trading for out of character money

Hi Everyone. This will be only my second Empire, but as a socially anxious person I like to have a plan especially as my involvement in stuff will be limited because of having a child with me.

IRL I run a successful charity shop and have been collecting together LARP appropriate items for a fair later in the year. I know that there is no space for traders in the main street and there is a waiting list but I think I understand that I can sell items (as long as it’s not food or drink) from my in character tent for Barbarian money? I have read and re-read the wiki but it would be great to have confirmation.

My daughter will be selling homemade lemonade and cake for IC money from the same tent so if all else fails we’ll have that!

Thanks in advance!

Personally, my reading of the Wiki is that you’re free to do this using the “peddling” option:
but for a definitive answer, email PD’s “trader liason” person (see link above) rather than relying on what some random player tells you here.