Hi everyone,

You might have seen my previous post about ritual props and preforming them in general, while discussing those the idea of bringing a player to inquisition came up.

As I’m a new player I don’t have much knowledge on this topic (I understand the very basics of it being a trial type thing), so was wondering if people could help me out with some questions.

Firstly, how would a player go about bringing someone to inquisition, and how does the full process work.
Secondly, what would the implications of this entail, as in would doing this generally be a last resort and something rare to see.
And finally, if it were to go through would it be possible to perform rituals during the trail aspect, curses specifically.

Any help with these questions is greatly appreciated.

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A Member of the Synod (e.g. someone with a congregation resource) raises a Judgement of Inquisition. To do this they should:

  • Agree an appropriate time, date and place with the target, wherever possible
  • Complete a Judgement form, available from the Hub
  • Select an Assembly to submit the Judgement to. The choices are:
    ** Their National Assembly. This is only appropriate if the target is in the same nation.
    ** Their Virtue Assembly. This is only appropriate if the theme of the Inquisition relates to the Virtue in question.
    ** The General Assembly. This is always appropriate.
  • Submit the Judgement to the Tribune of the Synod in the Hub. It will usually need to stay up for a minimum of 3 hours for priests to vote on it.

Once the Judgement has been accepted and displayed, the Member of the Synod should probably vote in favour of it, then find others in the same Assembly and ask them to vote on it too.

If at the end of the relevant scrutiny period there are more votes in favour of the Judgement than against it, then it is Upheld. The target is then legally obliged to attend the Inquisition for up to 1 hour. During this time the Member of the Synod can ask them any questions they like, although they are not obliged to respond.

After the Inquisition, the Member of the Synod may choose to escalate their Inquisition to a Sanction. There are four options:

  • Vindication. “This person did nothing wrong” or “This person is Virtuous”.
  • Castigation. “This person did something wrong”, but with no consequences.
  • Penance. “This person did something wrong, and this is what they should to do make it right or be better for the future”, but not legally binding.
  • Condemnation. “This person committed a religious crime”, which triggers a legal trial.

This Sanction is raised like the previous Judgement and must also be voted on and Upheld to be effective.

Inquisition is actually very common. Some people do it just to investigate things, or to interview people. As above, not all of the outcomes are negative.

It is not illegal to curse anyone. Summoning someone to Inquisition just to curse them might be construed as Abuse of Powers and you might be condemned for this. Note that only magistrates will actually conduct a legal trial, although you can structure your Inquisition how you wish.


Highguard have a Prosperity sect who inquisite at least one of the people with money every event, to check they are being Prosperous and not miserly, so relatively common.

It is considered somewhat of an honour among those with money, as it is a chance for them to shout about all the wonderful things they are doing with the money they have passing through their hands, plus if you get called, you must be someone important!


Ok first off, that is incredibly helpful, thank you.

And to clarify, I wasn’t too worried about the legal side of cursing. Essentially I was thinking of petitioning someone else to bring someone I believe to be un-virtuous to inquisition and if they are found guilty then use that opportunity to curse them then, otherwise do some more digging to see if they are truly un-virtuous or not.

That’s interesting, I may need to get involved with that group, shouldn’t be too difficult being a part of highguard.

To be honest, if you’ve got enough support in your virtue or say national assembly to not be Sanctioned for abuse of powers, fill your boots on the whole cursing people after they’ve been inquistitioned thing. Like with just about everything in Empire, you can do whatever you can get away with. This means you need to have political support in the assembly you’re using for this but if you’re going after people who’ve done things that aren’t popular then you just need enough votes to not be condemed :). Tbh if I were still playing a religious character I’d support using curses to back up a judgement of Penance or Castigation, but it’s not me you need to convince :smiley: .

You might find that by being bold, confident and sticking to guns you’ll get people cheering you on, especially if that means you’re taking the heat for doing things they agree with rather than them :laughing:.

Everything is politics, all the time :fist:.


This is a really good point actually. I might be able to gather a larger following if im more open about it and play the politics game of agreeing with certain people.

Might even be a good way to advertise the coven.

Thank you for the advice.