Interactive Empire Map Project

I have for some time now wanted to create an interactive and searchable map of The Empire. I saw the one linked on the Wiki back when it was fully functional. While it was amazing, it was not exactly what I was looking for. Last weekend I finally found the time:

There is still a bunch of stuff I want to add (such as better search). Still, I thought that some people may already find it helpful in its current state or maybe even want to help me add locations from the Wiki. If you’re going to help, I would be eternally grateful, and there is a contribution button on the page. I hope the system makes sense!

I have also thought about adding player group locations, but I haven’t decided yet. For now, all information is taken directly from the Wiki and should therefore be correct and regularly updated as the Wiki changes. However, the locations and shapes are (currently) all made by me, so there is no guarantee.

Any corrections, ideas, and errors are very welcome! However, if you want to make sure I see them, please write them to


I had a look at this, it’s VERY impressive.

Includes the mapped out lands beyond Imperial borders too… where known…

I’m not sure to what extent the Grendel stuff is known? I think it’s not canonically mapped to the same detail, which gives room for expansion :slight_smile:

The Bay Of Catazar map which came out of a project to map the bay of Catazar by players (and I think led to the attack on Dubtraig) is detailed here -

It’s not good enough for magic but it does tell you a lot we didn’t know about the Grendel lands and some about the Iron Confederacy coastal territories as well.

Also great work :+1: :blush:

Oh this page has all the details about current and former spy networks, the links to each one should give you an idea of the maps that exist from them or the maps that we’re waiting for :slight_smile:. If you want to talk to someone IC about spy networks the Imperial Spymaster is an obvious choice, I had quite a lot of fun in the intelligence gathering game with my last character so can recommend :+1:.

Thank you, I am glad you like it! :smiley:

Yea, some much more experienced people tell me about the newly discovered areas (Ossium and Tsark) and them to the map (through some shotty photoshop work :sweat_smile:).

I will try to stay updated as stuff is discovered (and official maps are released) and maybe even join in on the spy part of Empire now. But I also hope that people will let me know as new stuff is released because I will probably miss it!

Omg how helpful, thank you!

Hmm, the Bay of Catazar map/image is too low quality to be able to fit into the current tiles, but I’ll see if I can’t get a higher quality one from PD (they have been very helpful so far!).

And thank you for the Spy-network information, I’ll probably seek out this IC now :sweat_smile:

This is wonderful - thank you

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