Is it better to know multiple lores

I was just wondering if it was better to know multiple lores of hav one maybe two that are of an increased rank?

I’d generally look to specialise on one or two lores, maybe dabbling in a third.

If you’re not going in with a coven, looking for what rituals you can do on your own is a good idea, and lore 2 or 3 is much more flexible than 1 for that.

If you’re with a coven, it’s likely they’ll be specialising in one or two lores, too.

What sort of character are you looking at playing? We might have more specific thoughts based on any details you have pinned down already.

I’m on my own, and I’m looking to play a mystic advisor role so I’ve heard that night lore is best for that sort of thing, but I’m not sure what other lores I should take to go with it

Which nation are you thinking of joining?

Might honestly be worth not picking your lores until you hit the field because I’m currently asking to have my character reset after 1 event


I’m joining wintermark, so what your saying is not spec any points until after the event?

Don’t spec until you get there is my advice because you can always go to GOD and spend your points there during the weekend. Plus you might meet an awesome coven doing cool stuff that all do some other lore you didn’t even think about. Just my opinion, take it with salt

It’s a very good suggestion so I’m going to go for it, what would you say I take for a personal resource?

If you’re going magician, mana site is a good call. Gives you a chance to do rituals straight away and you can usually find a buyer if you decide not to do any rituals.
Other resources have their merits like herb garden to be an apothecary/potion monkey or mines to be an artisan.
Pick the resource that lets you more easily do the stuff you wanna do

As someone who has multiple lores, I can say it depends on what kind of game you want. There are three basic ways to cast ritual magic: solo, in a coven, or with a Volhov’s robe.

The easiest way to get into ritual magic is to join a coven, and I’ve never heard of a coven that specialises in more than two types of lore. So the risk is that you’d get a rank in something, and then find you can’t do anything at a high level because no-one else in your coven has it.

Multiple lores can make you useful to more covens, but only if you have a Volhov’s robe’s_Robe and only if the covens want your help. The problem is that it is hard to establish yourself - a lot of covens already have a good amount of members, so they won’t automatically think of getting you involved, plus some covens can be quite secretive or exclusive.

I’d agree with @Chamespond - it may be better to hit the field, talk to people in your nation and see what covens are available and recruiting (and what they do) before putting your points into a specific lore. If you’re definitely interested in magic, I’d suggest taking the magician skill anyway as you will need that! As for resource, yes if you plan to be doing a lot of rituals I’d recommend a mana site - mana is always in demand, so is not cheap otherwise!

If you are willing to part with the crystals, they sell for about 30r on field (YMMV). Magician is a must, as this will let you get into the Hall of Worlds and talk to the movers and shakers. Take a few mins and talk to the various members of the conclave groups and see if getting involved into them takes a fancy. They will also be able to point you at various coverns they know and could offer an introduction.

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Things to know:

  • If you’ve mastered a ritual you can contribute up to double your lore.
  • There is a special Regio at Anvil that gives +1 to any lore you like whenever you use it. This means it’s worth picking non-battlefield rituals on the assumption you will have an extra Lore to play with.
    *+1 Lore potions are great emergency kit, ans people can often supply them for Quests.
  • Decide if you’re planning to fight or not. There are a few simple 8XP ritualist builds people go for:
  • Solo Caster: Magician + Lore 3
  • Split Build: Magician + Lore 2 + Lore 2
  • Combat Ritualist: Magician + Battlemage + Spell + Lore 2.
  • Healer: Magician+ Extra Mana + 2x Spell + Lore 2.
  • The first two pure ritualist builds still give you access to heavy armour, swords and bucklers if you want to hit people.

I have been playing the only really active Winter magician in the Marches for about 2 years now and had a great time as I picked entirely stuff I could solo. You can always try and recruit your own coven.

You should IMO pick whatever you think looks fun. Take a few soloable rituals, leave some of your Mastered Ritual slots empty, and then learn stuff in uptime. You can swap one choice of mastered ritual each downtime by emailing admin@pd.

As a solo Night mystic PC, I’d look at: any of

  • Night 3
  • Shadowed Glass of Sung (Area divination for quests, use a potion or borrow a Ring or Staff
  • Embrace the Living Flame (+1 Hero Point, cast it at the Regio)
  • Unfettered Anarchy (AMAZING Curse and if you have the Regio and a +1 lore buff you can solo it)
  • Freedom of the Soul: MAGIC DRUGS!
  • Secrets For the Shadow Courier: Make portable safes.
    I would not bother with Signs and Portents. Find a Coven and ask to join them. It only needs one mastered caster to give the entire a coven a vision.

I’d avoid the alchemy rituals, they are neither useful nor provide wacky results. I’d probably buy the occasional dose of liao, chug it, and claim the lucid dreams you get are mystically prophetic.


I would talk to a lot of artisans, get friendly with some who can make you your ritualistic garb. A plus one staff can make all the difference to what is possible.
As a friend of mine did, pure ritualist and then going to fight with a halberd and heavy armour was great fun. He got loads of up time messing around and then hard as nails fighter.

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Unless you are presently planning to go ritualist/artisan or ritualist/physik. I’d say go for a mana site, it’s the resource that actually lets you cast rituals

There is at least one three realm coven that I can think of out there. They aren’t common but do exist.

“So the risk is that you’d get a rank in something, and then find you can’t do anything at a high level because no-one else in your coven has it.”
Now this isn’t nessecarily the end of the world, as long as there is something YOU can cast that you want to cast and get some use of. My Coven has twice had memebers with Night 1 all they cast was signs and portents, but they had fun with it. Another member splashed day for the cure venom ritual.

There are broadly two options for a starting ritualist:

  1. Is focus on things you can solo, (this doesn’t stop you joining a different coven later even if you go Night 3, you get another exp at the end of your first event that you can use to take the first level of another realm.) - You do need a stronger understanding of the rules for this than 1)
  2. Turn up with no realm lores, honestly if you are planning to go full ritualist rather than turn up with just Magician I would turn up with the amazing apprentice skill (The skill held by characters who have no other skills.) This gives you maximum explore bits of the game fun while you find a coven.

“I would not bother with Signs and Portents. Find a Coven and ask to join them. It only needs one mastered caster to give the entire a coven a vision.” And get someone elses vision. Personally I’d take this aim to have this cast by the Friday of the first empire, then find out what your vision means. That’s something you are doing
If you join a night coven you would probably be changing out a few rituals anyway, and for a new player Signs and Portents can potentially be very fun.

Don’t you get the apprentice skill as long as you have any unspent XP?

You only get the Apprentice skill if you have spent no XP at all

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Visions wise I understand all the best mystics have a Goosewhisper Infusion habit which lets you have visions without casting Signs and Portents :slight_smile:.

@Jim has covered builds and Night Magic, I can also recommend Summer for a bunch of fun rituals that can be cast on people as a lone mage. Spring has some fun ones as well but you need to have Lore 3 and be standing in the regio to cast some of the more useful ones.

But I can also speak up and say Battle Mage and Lore 2 is fun, pick up a wand, rod or staff and you’ll have two useful spells on the battlefield as well.

I may be somewhat unusual in that I’m a fighter/ritualist build.

I have Weapon Master, Hero points and Strike down and after 3 events have picked up Night 2. I quite like it as I can go do the fighting which I love and have magic as a sideline. Saying that though, I am becoming increasingly wizardy as time goes on

If you are playing a solo caster, I would definitely focus on one realm. Most good stuff starts around mag 6-8, which you will struggle with as a rainbow mage.

If you are in a coven, focus on the same as your coven. Many covens focus on one realm, if you go different you will have the double whammy of not being able to contribute much to their rituals and not being able to solo cast much useful. If they focus on two, this is the one situation where two specialisations is actually useful (says the night/winter mage in a winter/day coven…look, it happened in play!).

If you can guarantee obtaining Volohov’s Robes, then rainbow mage (i.e. all realms) looks like a good XP spend. The only other good reason I can see for starting as that is a researcher who can arcane project any realm, but you may not have direct access to a coven who can cast it so you had better be good at coming up with things other people actually want.

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I started as a solo Day Mage, but quickly picked up a set of Volhovs Robes to join in with covens doing bigger rituals.

If you are coming in solo but looking to join a Coven in game, I would recommend starting with either Summer or Night 2 (both of which have lots of nice things you can do solo around the Mag 4 mark) and leaving 3 points unspent.

That way, you have stuff you can do without a Coven, and points spare to pick up a couple of ranks in whichever lore they use.