Is it possible to create a new Hallowing?

I’ve been looking into hallowed items and the process in which this is done - I have a particular idea in which none of the current hallow choices fit.

My question is, is there a way to create or discover a new Hallowing, or are the current ones the only applicable ones? I have no in game experience of The Way and its goings on, so any help is greatly appreciated!

There is currently no way to create new ones. Have you looked at all of them for each Virtue? It may be that you ask another priest of another Virtue to Hallow it for you.


Thanks! I have read through all of the virtues, yes and unfortunately none of them really fit with what I was trying to achieve.

I’ll just go for one as close to my idea as possible.

What are you looking for? Maybe we can help you find an existing one.

That being said, the hallowings for the False Virtues aren’t well recorded >:D


If no hallowing does what you want, it’s worth double and triple checking your understanding of the virtue. Most virtues have nuances which are not obvious from the title alone and people often get the wrong idea about them (e.g. no, neither Wisdom nor Vigilance are Caution).