Is light armor viable?

I’m new to empire and I’m planning on fighting as an archer and I cant decide if I should make light or medium armor.
Light is definitely cheaper but I’m not sure if that would mean instant death for me.
So basically I’m asking if an archer wear light armor and be fine?
Thank you


Yes it’s entirely possible to be an archer in Light Armour, I currently just wear a gambeson on the field and I’ve done ok. I would recommend picking up some Hero Points and the Relentless Skill to start with as having one of your legs crippled takes out your main advantage of mobility. You can also pick up a bunch of useful potions and if you’ve a friendly crafter picking up some enchanted light armour will be within your means.

But the main things that keep you alive on the field are mobility and situational awareness, plus having some mates to watch your back of course :slight_smile:.

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Thank you :grin:

Yeah, but we’ve established time and time again that mobility, situational awareness and mates is as OP as it comes, along with “LARP fighting practice”.


Eh, im not so sure tbh, but theres no huge difference in survivability between light and medium for archers, as long as you are paying attention 99% of your hits will come from enemy archers who ignore your hit points entirely (except head hits).

You wont instantly die though, unless you get stupendously unlucky, so go with what you can do and be happy with, then look at heavier armour or other gubbins down the line once you have a bit of experience and settle on what you enjoy.

Its perfect if you are fighting Jotun though as they dont shoot back and some nations spend an awful lot of time fighting Jotun :slight_smile:

Also, light armour doubles very well as warm clothing on cold events/nights which is a bonus!

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As someone who takes to the field in nothing and once tried to wear heavy, there are two schools of thought that I can identify.

Heavier armour means being more protected and protected from more. Great for shrugging off a cleave (medium) or impale (heavy) should you need to. Arrows do come from nowhere at times.

Lighter (or no) armour lets you run both toward and away, which can be nice. You can run not only faster, but also further. As a certain warrior was once informed, the best block is not to be there.

I play a front-line healer with ambi and heroic healing (which is quick enough when I don’t have time to do real healing), so moving around and ducking behind (or just outrunning) people in armour is a viable strategy. It might not be wise, but it is fun.


I go out in light (because my body collapses if I wear heavy, sadly). It’s lot of fun… if you have a healer to hand. Don’t get too far away from the line!

Either is viable, but if it’s your first event stick with light for cost reasons and start with a gambeson. That way if you choose to change armour type you have already bought the base layer you would need for most types of heavy and medium.


I am a physick with a spear who uses light armour. I had no issues with it when fighting on the front line. As everyone said it comes down to situational awareness. There were a few situations where I managed to stay standing even when against multiple enemies thanks to just keeping an eye on what was happening. There is also the added bonus of less heat exhaustion as you won’t be struggling with the weight or layers as much.

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I have seen healers and archers in heavy, so it’s not just a case of certain roles tending toward one or the other.

Most archers I have seen seem to be fairly lightly-armed, if only because moving around for a better shot is an important ability. I suspect that archers don’t have much overlap with front-line fighters, so the plan is usually not to be hit too many times. Bracers are very useful, as everyone twangs their arm from time to time.

My wife’s the archer in this family, so I would have to ask her, but she doesn’t do the battles at Empire.

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Having arched around most of the nations it depends a lot on how both you and the surrounding troops fight. Acting as a skirmisher around a solid block like Highguard is very very different to doing so around a more mobile or dispersed nation for example.

Snipers and scouts also differ, the former being a lot more mobile for example but considerably more vulnerable to rogue arrows or a determined cleaver.

Id suggest looking for the Empire larp archers group on facebook, its got a hell of a lot of advice and stuff on there from archers of all stripes to read over :slight_smile:


So the thing about empire is it’s a game about war. Proper war where you want better equipment to not die. Charging the front line in a shirt wielding a dagger is a good way to get killed.

That being said what ‘better’ means is entirely subjective to the role you are filling on the field. As an archer. Is having one extra hit point and resistance to cleaves worth more to you than the extra ability to run and dodge as well as the extra budget for more arrows and such.

Also remember that every single battle mage that takes the field is essentially doing it in light armour (mage armour has the same stats but you can cast in it). Obviously their access to magic helps them. But I’m pretty sure any battle mage will be happy to knock you on to your bleed out timer to prove how viable they are


If you’re playing an archer then having light armour is absolutely viable, preferable even. If you’re an archer and you get caught in melee you’re going to be running or going down, you just do not have time to put away a bow and draw a weapon before the opponent had beaten you into the dirt, regardless of whether you have light medium or heavy armour.

The ability to move, spacial awareness and hero points with unstoppable asking with relentless are far more useful. If you’re a starting character take unstoppable over relentless.

Most important thing as an archer is knowing where to run to and how to avoid being hit defensively. Offensively, how to make your shots to greatest and consistent effect, which means being able to pick the shots