Is there a group like this already?

Hi all!

Myself and a couple of friends are looking to join Empire for the first time in April. We have decided on the great nation of Navarr and were wondering if our concept currently exists.

Our idea is to be essentially “Gravekeepers”. The Navarr Wiki states that bodies are left in glades that rarely get disturbed… well who ensures that? We will! But not only that, we like the idea of acting as a form of memory or funeral service. Creating a “book of the dead”, a list of the heroes fallen in battle or otherwise and stories of their deeds. Players would come to us with their stories of their fallen allies so they will never be forgotten. Any final words you didn’t get to say before a friend died? Well we’re going to be Night Mages so we can speak with the dead and get whatever is off your chest.

So yeah, thats the rough idea basically, we’re fine tuning it currently but didn’t want to dive in too deep if this already exists!

Thank you all so much in advance!

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Just to make sure - the ritual Whispers through the Black Gate for talking to the dead is Winter, not Night!

The group concept has some similarities with groups or archetypes in other nations, but I’m not aware of anything in Navarr.


Yes, we realised after posting haha, thank you! Thats great to hear, having other groups with similarities seems like a great way to potentially collaborate somewhere down the line.

Helo relalia and Welcome to the nation!

So first thing first excellent concept. To my knowledge there are no Striding that specifically tend to the corpse glades in play so that’s a unique selling point.

That said you wouldn’t be the first person to try and make funeral’s or remembering the dead Thier niche though to my knowledge it’s always been individuals rather than a whole group.

Currently when someone dies Thier funeral’s tend to be private things held by their groups. That’s Assuming of thiers even a body as most death’s tend to be quick brutal affairs on the battlefield where there isn’t always time to drag a corpse back home. If they do decide to make it a big thing in a public space you tend to see the same bunch of guides (Navarr preists) officiate and that’s only if the group doesn’t have Their own (after all who doesn’t love a bit of personal drama). There is even a stable of singer’s who will usually drop everything to provide musical accompaniment as nothing beats a good lament.

When it comes to keeping official record it gets a bit murkier. Plenty of People have tried over the year’s but it never seems to stick.

Don’t let this discourage you however. It will take some legwork but Theirs definitely a niche out there for you and your group. I’d imagine once word gets round of a book of fallen heroes and thier tales you’ll be drowning in people wanting to talk to you about how great Thier last character was (myself included).

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Sounds like a cool idea for a group.

The Book of the Dead is already a thing in Highguard. There is a Highguard position, Keeper of the Imperial War Memorial, and they maintain they maintain the book which lists read imperial heroes of all nations.


As @thresher says, Highguard do a version of this already, however there’s nothing stopping you from doing a Navarr-specific one (assuming no-one in Navarr is doing it already - I’m not Navarri myself).

One thing to quickly note about doing Whispers - over the last couple of events, Conclave introduced the Imperial Necromancer position. Whispers can only take place for one hour each evening, and the Imp Nec is there for the first half to ensure that the Whispers being done are worth it (e.g. important information ones, suspicious death ones, helping the militia, that kind of thing). Not to say that you can’t offer your services as “speak to your lost loved ones”, more just a heads up that if you randomly rock up to do it, at least in the first 30 minutes, the answer might be “come back later”!