Is there a way to stop PD sending you physical mail?


I got send a letter to my adress today and i want to know if theres a way to stop pysical mail being sent to me


There may be a way to opt out in your Pd account, but if not, drop PD an email. They are usually helpful folk.


Thanks will do


I mean if you put your physical address as “PO Box 666, PR2 1ZW” it would work, technically… not sure you’d impress anyone, but it would work.


@sqweelygig you madman… how i wish to do this now.


While there’s an option on my account to opt in to email updates, there doesn’t appear to be an option to opt out of physical ones. I’m interested because my not-quite-five-year-old got a mailshot which, frankly, isn’t much use to him as he’s not going to be booking his own tickets or making use of a discount!

I’ve emailed PD to ask about opting out of mailshots, or for them to consider filtering out under 5s from the mailing list.


And the response from PD, paraphrased: They filter out under 4s, but include everyone else as they feel kids like getting proper letters. They are happy to opt-out people from mail shots on request, just email


Thank you for taking the time to ask and share the official response! =]


Ont thing to note here is the Direct debit forms are in these mail shots IF you wish to pay monthly, each character needs one, so needs a mailshot