Just wanna introduce myself

I’m Tom, my friend and I are planning on attending Empire for the first time next year and we have chosen Navarr as our nation.

Just wanted to make contact with other Navarri players to learn as much as i can and maybe get to know a few people before E1.


while I am not from navarri I still want to say welcome.
some simple stuff is too check the wiki, join the navarri facebook page and have fun.

also, there are lots of podcasts you can listen too. here a few:

http://shoutengine.com/Empirepodcast/ - useful for an overview of empire and get a feel for what the crew see in the game

https://thelarpnoobspodcast.podbean.com/ - this great podcast is done by some player giving their view of the game and to top it off their part of navarri so you can get a feel for it

Tabletop Weekly Podcast - EMPIRE LARP SPECIAL (Episode 6) - YouTube - by tabletopweekly they are great to get a look for the items and a different view of the game

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBVwDrY7OBfED8cKJtfRNxQ/videos - fmuf do not the only empire but also talk about other larps and are just fun to listen to

https://www.youtube.com/user/rickvanman - Rick van man is part of highborn and has some great vids

I’m sure there are lots more I missed but these are some of the ones I listen to. don’t feel like you need to listen to them all but their there if you need them.

also, the most import part is having fun. we are a large community and everyone is here just wants to have fun and are super nice to talk t

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Hi Tom – welcome to Empire!

Armed with enthusiasm, a vicious Didgeridoo and a desire to join the swirling dance of Navarr, you are well on your way down the trods to the best nation in the game. I’m slightly biased mind.

Navarr is excellent for a host of factors really:

  1. It’s got some brilliant roleplayers in it from brokers, to thorns, guides to vates, tricksters, con artists, thieves, killers and more! Each striding or steading is all slightly different, with varied views on politics, briars, love, war, which territory is the best etc. So your first time at Anvil id encourage to you have a wander and chat to the patchwork quilt of the nation.

  2. The music is sublime. Honestly, it’s one of the best bits of the nation, with the music, dance, stories, deals and laughter going on well into the early hours of the morning. Great fun so bring a drink, and as you mentioned previously strike up a tune with the merry bunch. Worth noting OC that if you want to fight – you need to be awake, sober and ready to go the following morning on both days (one to monster, the other IC as your character).

  3. Fighting wise it holds its own. I started Empire four years back and loved Navarr for this in particular, with a real emphasis on initiative, tactics, thinking and doing things a little different from massed troop formations of other nations. If you want to scout, snipe as an archer, lead into the chaos of battle – Navarr is epic for it.

  4. Some fascinating plot points. We have the green touch of spring madness that destroyed our empire of old – which we yearn to get back. We lost one empire, and will be dammed if we will lose another is a pretty fun concept to play with. But add pragmatism to that… and you get some very fun things to play with. Do you plot against another nation to further the empire? Is it better to deal with that eternal now and suffer the consequences, or wait to see if there is a better deal? Choices, with consequences, is the lifeblood of the nation.

IC I play Rhisiart Dancewalker a Thorn/Brand from Hercynia, and it’s current senator. OC I’m David, and while I am sadly based overseas at the mo, I am always happy to chat on discord/the forum etc. if you find it useful! Anyhow welcome to the best nation around!


if you do facebook this may be a useful group for you:

Empire Lrp: Navarr

and also

Empire Lrp : player support and new players

I don’t use facebook, which for the first time I’m starting to regret. I shun most forms of social media, I find them intrusive and distracting. I have considered having a facebook account purely for LARP though.

If i do end up making an account, i’ll definitely check out those links.


Thanks :slight_smile: There’s so much depth to this game its unreal. When i first heard about it i thought it was just about whacking each other with foam swords, but the complexity of the other game play mechanics is amazing. I wanna avoid being the guy who tries to make his character super intelligent and worldly but seems to know almost nothing about the world they have lived in their whole life. I know a lot of people get around this by making their first character a bit thick so they have an excuse for not knowing quite basic things. I want my character to be convincing as an intelligent guy who understands the world around him. Luckily I five months or so to learn as much as possible :slight_smile:

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You could also go more for wisdom than knowledge. You might be able to interpret things fairly well but not know very much. This could be for a number of reasons from being a recluse, to amnesia.

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or you can say you grow up on a farm, hunter town or traveller meaning you never got a good education or many worlds know how.


“Isolated rural priest” got me started very handily in the priest game when I didn’t know what was going on. :slight_smile:


Also, you might know a good deal about your nation, but not the Empire as a whole or the world in general.

I played a deep-sea trader/pirate for some years. I had a good idea about the foriegn nations, and knew little about my own :slight_smile:

OOC ignorance is easily remedied. Ask for folk to tell you of their nation, their legends and stories, their heroes and deeds… you’ll be there a while…


I made a mistake last event and I just played it off as part of my character. I said that I had visited foreign lands and so had got used to their customs.


Welcome fellow Navarri!

Congrats on picking the best nation in the Empire :wink: (citation needed).

From my own experience, I tried to read the wiki to death before coming to my first event and I soon found I learnt a lot more in play than I did from studying. My advice- read the basics from your nation and the Winds of War and Winds of Fortune. These come out before each event and summarise the latest happenings in war, trade, foreign nations and pretty much anything else. Other than that, come up with a reason why you mat not know a lot. For me, I play a character who was orphaned, so I never got a formal education.

The best way to learn is to find a player who knows a lot about the aspect of the game you think you’ll like. You can always stop by my Striding if trade is your thing. I began selling herbs for a tavern owner and a few games later, I’m the broker for a striding, so its easy to climb the ladder quickly. Empire players are very nice to newbies, so finding someone to help you is normally easy.

Hope this helps!


That’s a bold statement there. We may have to set up a heptathlon to prove or disprove that.


Thanks, The wiki is so full of information, but it’s difficult to retain a lot of the information without the proper context and without being able to shoot questions back for clarification. So what you’re saying makes a lot of sense.

I am very much hoping to meet and thank as many of the people who have offered me assistance on here (OOC of course). So my plan is to go on the Thursday to give me ample time to meet as many people OOC as i can.

It will only be me and one friend, so we will definitely want to join forces with another group fairly quickly, perhaps join a steading/striding. Our characters comes from a striding who’s main focus is on combating the Vallorn, but my friend and I have personal reasons for wanting to massacre as many orcs as possible so we are the only 2 members who have left our striding to go to Anvil, but a striding of 2 members is not exactly a force to be reckoned with so joining a bigger group will be our main priority at E1.

I personally think two is a good number to start with. I attended my first event with one friend and it meant that we could stick together but still do what we wanted to do. It is good having someone to give you a bit of courage but at the same time, when there is only one person, you aren’t tied down as much. If you join as a group, you may feel obligated to stick to that group but as a two, you can break separate and join your own things and then meet back later. With enough passion, a group of one cane be a force to be reckoned with. Basically, don’t feel pressured into joining the first group you meet. Take sometime to find out who fits with you, maybe wait until the end of that event or the beginning of the next. before making a decision.

When you first attend empire it can feel like you have to do a lot of this and a lot of that but later, you find that it wasn’t what you wanted so take these big decisions slowly.


Good advice well received :slight_smile: I think i may do just that.


Agreed! 2 is a great number to start with. I came originally with 1 mate and it was easy to slot in wherever we wanted. Also recommend attending Thursday, it’s great to make some connections for later IC.


My character hates orcs with a vengeance, including imperial orcs. Does anyone have any advice on playing an incredibly racist character? I am aware of the rules regarding discrimination of gender and OOC ethnicity. But aside from that are there and racial slurs or any other information regarding racism towards orcs? I’m sure it must be fairly common place?

If you are turning up on Thursday, remember you will have to pay, I believe £5 extra for the space. Are you camping IC or OOC? If you are camping IC, you may have to pay a bit more to hire the tents (if they aren’t all booked up). However the Navarr camp is one of the closest to the OOC camping which means that it wouldn’t make too much of a difference for you.

Orcs aren’t a real race so it is sort of okay. Lots of people are a little bit racist to the imperial orcs seeing them as barbaric and violent, with their only desire being to fight. This is not true. Orcs can be just as virtuous as everyone else but most people don’t remember this.

It isn’t okay to insult someone for how they are IC but it is fine to do it OOC. You could make fun of someone’s antlers but not of a birthmark they have on their face. You could insult someone for their way of living in game but not in real life.

You will have great fun because, as I think I’ve stated in another reply, somewhere, the Navarr camp is right next to the orc camp, so close that you can accidently walk into one instead of the other if there is none one at the orc gate.

Imperial orcs wish to be distinguished from barbarian orcs. An imperial orc would be extremely offended if you say that they are the same. I think most people hate the Druj the most out of all the Orcs so if you said to an imperial orc ‘stay away from my food, I don’t want you poisoning it’ implying they are like the druj, they would probably go ballistic.

By bringing this hatred, you create good role play but you also miss good role play. You need to look out however, just to make sure you don’t take it too far. Try not to include any themes that are too real.

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