Kilts? Yay or nay

Any faction have any specific hold over the garment or would a two tone block colour (no tarten) kilt be accepted into say the league or marches?

There is a note on kilts on the wiki (below), but as you say, a simple non-tarten one might make it… I can certainly see it in the Marches, as simple farmer wear, but it doesn’t sound fancy enough for the League…

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Kilts are definitely not specifically part of any nation’s brief, and I would look into going for skirts/tunics/dresses that more specifically achieve the look and feel your nation is going for, but I don’t think a kilt without a tartan pattern would look too out of place in The Marches.

If you’re buying or making specific costume for a character idea don’t pick a kilt - there are better choices for the same or less money.

If you already have a kilt, and you don’t have time or money to find something better before the event then as long as the colour scheme isn’t off brief wear it, and aim to replace it for something more on brief when you can.

Marches and League leg options can easily be done with leggings for very little money, just pick an appropriate colour, and you can probably even afford to have a spare pair in case of weather!


belted plaid I can see in Navarr, Wintermark (Skyrim Guard Look), or the Imperial Orcs eaily, but a short kilt’s relatively modern. Which means it can fit in the more “fantasy” nations (Navarr maybe if not tartan, or the Orcs if you have orc coloured leggings under xD), but doesn’t have anywhere in the Marches inspiration to go.

It would look to me like you were a Marcher from the waist up. I’ve happily worn all the following as Marchers:

  • Actual hose
  • Skinny-fit trousers with a long tunic to hide the pockets.
  • A pair of straight-leg linen trousers.
  • Basically cotton pyjama trousers without the elastic.
  • My partner’s linen dress, with my monk robe or my doublet (I’m male). “gender neutral clothing” means a dress or skirt works for everyone.

When it says “close-fitting trousers” it means the perfect look is hose or leggings, but anything that’s not Giant Varangian Parachute Pants is probably OK.