King's Stoke Wassail 3 - 20-22 November 2015

I am please to announce that bookings for the King’s Stoke Wassail 3 are now open!

King’s Stoke Wassail is a player-run event (with PD plot sanctioning expected) set in the Marches.

You can book now at

There is a Marcher priority period until 21 September (a week after event 4); non-Marcher bookings will be held until that point, then processed in the order received.

There are 65 player spaces. Places are confirmed on receipt of payment (or if we agree to defer payment to a later specified date).

Let me know if you have any questions, but in the meantime… book away!

So as a non Marcher, should I fill in the form now and not pay yet, fill in and pay now, or wait? Sorry for being confused.

Isca: Yes, that’s fine - I’ll let non-Marcher people know if they have a place when I process bookings and give a period for payment.

The facebook page says that this event’s player spaces are all booked, with a long waiting list.