Kit and equipment for a new player


As a new player with not much spare cash, what basic equipment and gear would you recommend for a first timer?


You’ll need a costume for your respective nation, and a place to sleep, tents are a popular choice. A bag is good for carrying goods around. Also don’t forget toothbrush and toothpaste. Change of socks if it’s wet or really warm and sweaty.

Going to need more detail for anything more specific.


Here is the character I’ve created


Okay. So, in order of priority, first you need to be able to camp:

  • Somewhere to sleep. If you’re going with a group, they may have an ic camping tent. Otherwise, get a small tent from a camping store, sleep oc,
  • Sleeping bag and rollmat. Get something between you and the ground. Have a three season sleeping bag. It can and does get cold at night.
  • Good boots, and socks. No, more socks than that. Good ankle support and dry socks makes a world of difference. Mountain warehouse do some good leather boots at about ÂŁ65, iirc.
  • Washkit

Then, you need soft kit:

  • Tunic. Ideally long, because Wintermark. There are tons of guides to make these yourself, or they should be readily obtained off a trader.
  • Trousers. You can get away with a lot here, as the tunic will be covering the waistline. Get a pair of linen trousers at Primark for ÂŁ9, it’s what I do.
  • Belt. These are fairly cheap. Get a leather belt, fasten it around the tunic at waist height, use it to hang things off.

Congratulations, you have a base costume. Okay, let’s accessorise! Kallavesi “adorn their clothes with fetishes and feathers, beads and bones”. See what you can rustle up. A feathery headdress really fits this look if you can put one together.

Next, think about what else your character carries. This list has some good suggestions:
You appear to be a herbalist, so having some bundles of dried leaves might help?
Also, get a water bottle. Dehydration is no-one’s friend.
Possibly get a small belt knife. A larp-safe dagger is an excellent multi-purpose prop for all occasions. Surgery, herb-prep, emergency weapon…

After that, you get to the tricky stuff. Mage armour and an implement (if you choose to use one) can be expensive. See what you can beg or borrow for these, as they’re only important if you go near the battlefield.

This list got pretty long. Let me know if you have any specific queries.


For wintermark Kallavesi your minimum costume is going to be some variety of plain dark coloured trousers, summer weight linen would be nice, and a tunic top, slightly weathered, so holes, tears are OK, and a bunch of beads/feathers/whatnot as decorations. Check charity shops, look on the women’s side too and if you have enough time you should be OK, otherwise Primark, George at ASDA, Matalan and similar may have options, again check the women’s side.

For cooler events a furry coat of some kind would be good, also charity shop find, or if necessary a blanket (furry) and a big pin, again charity shops if you have time you can get some really good bargains.

Spend your money on footwear, you need decent boots that will support your ankle and survive mud if necessary.

Ask around your mates for the camping gear - minimum 2 person tent, sleeping bag, roll mat, which should be free or a couple of beers.

Budget for food, you can probably live off snacks if necessary - cheaper pre-purchased from a supermarket, even better if you can also borrow some form of camp cooking equipment to at least heat water for pasta pots etc.

You have listed a lineage as changeling which means you’re going to need to find a pair of ear tips and the glue to keep them on. They’re available on line is cheapest usually.

You have listed battlemage - I would suggest asking around your nation to borrow weapons, staff or rod will set you back ÂŁ60 to ÂŁ100 minimum. Worth also asking about armour to borrow too, but as mage armour can be made out of anything a bit of improvisation with some charity shop finds, perhaps belts and necklaces may work quite well.

Chirurgeon and apothecary roleplay can look better with props but there is no reason why your chirurgeon as a mystic can’t just wave feathers or make hand gestures over people to heal them (could look really cool), and poundland do travel pack bottles or sometimes craft bottles which could be redecorated as apothecary bits.

A decent belt, and if you can find it some sort of leather bag (also charity shop) would be useful on the field, along with a tankard for drinks and a water bottle for actual rehydration (if necessary 500ml sports bottle wrapped in a scrap of cloth will work). Plain notebook and a pencil also useful.


Thanks for all the help, I love the idea of using a feather to heal people, my next question is what colours should I be on the look out for.


You’re go to could is brown but the wiki says
Greys, duns, moss, smoke, occcasional bright flashes of colour, dark feathers.

You have mage armour so that usually means some bits covering a few areas. A symmetrical. a wrist, a shoulder a big belt and maybe a leg.


Just wondering what style of shoe do you recommend for wintermark?


Something that will give you good ankle support, can survive Mud and you’re happy walking around in all day.

With shoes comfort and safety come first. A decent pair of hiking boots or similar will be fine.


Most people go for hiking boots of some sort, they give good ankle support which you need particularly if you take the field, as the ground can be very uneven. Your trousers will cover most of it, and for most folk costume stops at the ankles. So long as you’re not wearing trainers or something obviously bright and standing out as modern you’ll be good. People wear anything from wellies with leather covers, to rigger boots, hiking boots or re-enactment shoes. I personally wear brown combat boots


Thanks for all your help,

Now wondering if this shirt would work?


Hell yes, that looks awesome. And the knotwork motif would look good in Wintermark, I think.


Looks good. The iconic Wintermark style is longer - if you can find something that goes down to the knee, that’d be great - but that one would work.


What’s recommended for light sources for finding your way in the dark, I’m thinking a hurricane lamp and I was wondering if it would be suitably ic?


Most IC lightsources will be fire powered for wintermark, so those LED candle things are good, in a lantern with a handle is excellent.

It is written into the brief that Urizen can create mage lights so you can use LED electric lights, but I would suggest dimming them down a bit, by using tissue paper inside the glass of the lantern, or paper over the lens. Otherwise they can be quite jarring and will screw up your night sight.

Plenty of people carry a small bright torch in a pouch for walking the OC paths to the loo though!

Please note plenty of people light their IC tents and boundaries so it is perfectly possible to walk around Anvil after dark without carrying your own light. It’s less dark than you think once your eyes have got used to it!


Unless you are particularly night blind, you won’t need a light to find your way around. There is enough lightspill from the various taverns and camps, combined with moon & Starlight.
you might want a small torch/lamp for finding stuff in your tent, it depends on how organised you keep your tent.


I am from Canada and I am thinking to go traveling there this year to england to go to Empire. But I am trying to make the right costume design for my character. He is a Wintermark warrior character.

any suggestions of a design for him. But I know Wintermarks that have leather, fur, and feathers.


Which tradition in Watermark does your character belong to? Steinr costume is different to Suaq and Kallavesi.