Knitting, crochet and weaving with wool/acrylic mix yarn

im about to start a project to make a shawl or light cloak and i want to keep in with the rp. i have yarn that is a fairly even wool and acrylic mix, and it does have a decent natural yarn look to it.
i was wondering if anyone had any experiance of using acrylic and wool mix and how it copes with possibly outside live and weather?
im planing in weaving with it to make a warm wrap.


No one is going to come finger your work and sniff at it because it contains acrylic, if that’s what’s worrying you!

I would generally pick something with some wool in the blend for larp stuff just because it will stay warm even when wet, so a half-and-half mix sounds just fine. If it’s machine washable (because at damp events mud can get anywhere, and even at dry ones you pick up smuts and smudges) that’s a bonus, but I’d worry far less about that for a wrap than for socks or a dress or whatever.

So carry on, enjoy, and please post pics when you’re done!

im not sure how things are going to turn out. im currently just getting used to my weaving board so im not making my cloak yet. i am just stepping foot into building my costume so its an adventure for me and i look forward to showing my charactor.

If you want it windproof you’ll need to weave tightly, and that in turn means you need at least the warp threads to be reasonably strong: not like the fluffy soft-spun yarn that’s good for knitting.

Weaving your own cloth can be rewarding for its own sake, but making enough for a cloak will take a seriously long time… it might be worth buying cloth for your first cloak.