Knots for camping

Just found this useful reference site with knot tying animations :slight_smile:

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The most useful ones are

  • Round turn and 2 half hitches - for attaching rope to pole, or big metal tent peg
  • Reef knot - for tying 2 same size strings together - good for points, necklaces, bunting,
  • Adjustible grip hitch - lets you tighten side guy lines if you don’t have a runner.

American term for a reef is Square knot when using above website. Brits call something else a square knot!


The place where I’d like to learn a good knot is for fastening little drawstring pouches: both the single-loop and two-loop sorts. What I’ve been using is more fiddly and less reliable than I’d like.
Suggestions, anyone?

There is a knot that falconers use to tie jesses to perches while holding the bird. So you can do it one handed, it’s quick release, but tight on the other end. I was taught to do it at an event. I’ll see if I can find out what it’s called.

This one?'s_knot
I shall give it a try: thank you!