Knowing Ritual Theory without being a ritualist

I am really interested in rituals and magic, with all the possibilities of impacting the world and how useful it is. The problem is, I have no interest in actually casting rituals.

Would it be too, for lack of a better term, “metagamey” for an Urizen battle mage to know a lot (what’s on the wiki) about the realms and ritual magic without actually having a skill point in ritual theory? Enough to, say, commission an arcane projection from someone with a skill point?

Seems legit to me, within Urizen which is a very magic-focused society. Plus you’re a battle mage so you;re paid your 2 points for the basic Mage skill. So yeah, I think that’s absolutely legit.


If it’s on the wiki it’s publicly known. I play a completely non-magic Sentinel and I’m picking up a reasonable knowledge of militarily useful rituals in play.

If the information is publicly released on the wiki, you are absolutely welcome to know it as your character. There is no need to be concerned about being ‘too metagamey’ or the like.


I went a whole event as an Archmage without casting a single ritual, it’s a surprisingly small part of the magic game. Working out what problems require what magical solution and arranging for someone to do it is a very rewarding game to be involved in.

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I mean at this point I’ve actually planned the RP for a ritual in every realm of magic (3 of which I don’t have any ranks in) mostly to help new players with RP.

I give you bonus points if you can have the entire conversation while making it absolutely clear by tone that ritual magic is dull, lame and boring and no where near as cool as battlemagic.