Lammie Bags (and potion bottle size?)

Further to my inactive mana crystals, I shall also be selling lammie bags at the next event. They’re made of muslin cotton and at 8cm x 10cm just large enough for a card.

I’m also considering selling small glass vials, but the ones I’d be happy to sell for a few rings are much smaller than the one in the photo (1.2cm diameter and 1.6cm tall as opposed to 3cm diameter and 6cm tall in the photo). If 2cm diameter and 4cm tall made all the difference then I could stretch to that.

How big are your smallest potion bottles?

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The Blue One (old nail polish bottle I think) and the Brown one next to that are the smallest I have.

I think once you go below a certain size they become a faff to grab during a battle or skirmish. So worth testing that possibly.


Thanks. What’s the diameter of that blue bottle? I assume that it is still above that certain size for you.

1ml and 2ml bottles with corks, rather like these, 11mm x 22mm and 14mm x 30mm:

The necks are good for tying string to them. Can wear a few that way like a necklace, convenient for emergencies.
(You can get them even in 0.5ml sizes.)

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To change the subject slightly…
How big are potion cards again? Is it 8cm x 10cm?

The only card dimensions listed on the wiki that I can find are 85mm x 55mm for game item cards.

They’re still 55mm wide but they’re about 100.5mm long (at least the one I just measured was) because they have rip off tabs approximately 20mm long.

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Mark is correct - there are 5 basic ‘potions’ which don’t have rip-of sections which are standard card but the rest have the ‘what’s inside - you don’t know unless you drink it’ fun aspect! :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone!