LARP costume suitable for breastfeeding and for babies

Looking for recommendations / advice on costume that works well for breastfeeding mothers while at LARP. Happy to look at pre-made clothing well as patterns / modifications. All guidance welcome!

Plus ideas for tiny baby costumes… :smiley:

Edit: I’m an Imperial Orc; my mini-orcs are due at E2.

I’ve seen someone walking around with a large sash that they use to carry their child in. I think that if it is big enough, it should cover most of the baby and then the costume shouldn’t matter too much. In the end, I think you should think about warmth rather than looks.

Your nation may determine how you go about doing it. For example, the brass coast are all about layers so you could make your top layer different from the bottom one and so it is easier to sort it out.

Apart from that, I don’t really know. I’m sure if you want some privacy, if you talk to the group you are part of, you can use the tent.

What nation?, is going to be the first question. In Dawn and the Marches, front fastening kirtles (lacing or hooks-and-eyes) are an obvious choice. League gowns can also be front opening, and if you have a drawstring chemise underneath you can just let out the neck a bit for access. Wintermark, Varushka, Urizen, anywhere a T-tunic fits as a base layer, you can make an extra long key-hole neck and secure it with hooks or buttons, then add a overlayer you can pull down, up or to the side (robe, apron dress, overblouse).

Easiest for a tiny baby is a T-tunic in appropriate colour, fabric and level of decoration over a neutral sleep suit. This is a very quick and easy overlayer:

Add a hat for extra sun protection/warmth/cuteness. Coifs are simple and again, in the right colour and fabric fit almost anywhere:


I’ve just made a dress that buttoned up the front for a Highborn who is breast feeding.

As an imperial orc I suspect you won’t need the buttons, a cross over front robe is probably easiest, with OOC supportive underlayers.

For very tiny babies a sleepsuit in a plain appropriate colour for your nation is fine, and the easiest way to carry them around seems to be baby wearing.

Next step up is very basic t-tunics over sleepsuits again. Just make the head hole much bigger than you would for a proportional adult one.

They’ll be Ok in tunic over leggings until about 5 or 6 when they will probably have opinions on what they want to wear, and will hopefully not grow out of it half way through the year.

To be honest though the comfort of your little one comes first, and all in one fluffy suits for cold evenings will not be mentioned, apart from 'aren’t they cute!"


I used a tunic that crossed over at the front and wore two of them for layering. I used my regular tunic pattern but each half of the front was what would normally be the whole front so it was extra wide.
For small I made her a little Eura dress which I popped on over a baby grow. Edit: the pattern is linked in a post above


This thread has made me curious about historical swaddling…

Just bumping this to add another interesting free pattern link. I haven’t tried it myself yet but I’m planning to over the weekend - I’ll report back! It’s designed for fleece fabric, but no reason you couldn’t do it in linen for a little summer coif, or in wool for colder weather/evenings.

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