Larp fashion weapons, are they approved

I’ve been looking for a weapon for my first LARP at empire (sadly I can’t make it to E3, but Autumn equinox here I come!). I have found a sword which I have really set my heart on, however the site states that the sword may not be ‘legal’ for all gaming systems, and after emailing them about it has come to a dead end where their not sure whether it can be used.
Does anyone own a larp fashion sword (especially the type V) and did you have any problems using it at Empire?
Many thanks

PD can only make a call of a weapon in hand at an event, that said, that type of weapon construction is more prone to failure than most so i wouldnt recommend it.

Okay thanks, is there anywhere/ any weapons you would recommend

Which company is it?
A bunch of the bigger ones actually trade at Empire, and they are pretty sound. They know what the requirements are for the system.
Even if they don’t, There are lots of people on here, so it’s likely that someone may have bought from them.
After a bit of googling, I’ve just figured out that you mean
The description of the sword looks alright
“Created from a single polyurethane foam cast, around a fibre glass bar, is Latex free, and hand finished with exceptionally realistic colours”
However, it’s better to ask around to see if anyone has bought from them - Don’t take my word for it.

On a similar note, a bunch of the traders actually make weapons in their own Workshop, so it might be worth emailing them for a quote. The one you are looking at is £130 (with shipping) - That’s not an unreasonable ask.
Google Eldrich Larp weapons, he usually does good work, and also Darkblade. Skian Mhor might be able to help you aswell. The bonus is that you’ll be able to pick it up at the event if you order it early enough.

Traders have to put ‘May not be legal at all systems’ just to cover their arses.

I would always advise buying a weapon in the field, online sellers are too much of a risk

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Here’s the issue:

You buy a sword online. It feels good. You take it to the event, and the Weapons checkers fail it…
You are now standing at the event with a sword you cannot use, out substantial cash.

You buy a sword in the field. It feels good. You take it to be checked and the Weapons checkers fail it…
You can now go back to the retailers who sold it to you with great indignation, likely get a refund or a replacement on the spot.
And then get a new weapon, that passes the checks.

For your first LARP weapon, I heartily reccomend buying one in the field, from the traders there. You can pick 'em up, wave 'em around, bash yourself over the head with them, and look at a wide variety.


I am a PD weapons checker, and while I can’t make a judgement without the weapon in my hands, the pommels and crossguards on that type of sword are regularly rock hard, which is unfixable grounds for failure.

The’re also massively overpriced. Save your money and buy onsite. You’ll pay <£100 for a much better sword.


Highly recommended Light Armouries for weapons but still buy in the field as you will find one which suits you to hold.

Yup +1 for having a wander around the field and waving a few around, most fun you can have while shopping :slight_smile:

I got an Epic Armouries axe online and am now sweating my pantaloons off that it’s going to fail weapons check - My advise buy in feild save your self the sleepless night holding your weapon close to you and repeating over and over you pass weapons check you will pass weapons check :rofl::rofl::rofl:

The Epic Armouries stuff is usually ok. You get the odd one with the core off-centre and too close to the surface, or with an overly flexible core. Both less likely on an axe than a sword. Of course, if you roll over in the night and break it, all bets are off.

I don’t personally like them very much, but they’re cheap so we see a lot.

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I think the overiding advice is buy your first and main pointy thing in field. There are literally hundreds of swords to choose from on the traders stands.

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Thank you that has taken a bit of worry out it :grin: As to epic armories as you say it’s cheap and I do not want to spend to much unless I really enjoy myself…if I do my bank account should be very, very scared

Something to note about that particular sword is that it’s advertised as 110 cm long, or 43.3 inches:

That means it’s too long to count as a one-handed weapon (maximum 42 inches)
so you

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