Larp Fitness 2020

One thing we have time to do now is work on our general fitness before the next Empire event and having a goal might help all of us keep at it in these uncertain times.

So what ways do you keep fit or recommend for those of us picking up exercise after a ahem gap? :slight_smile:


I’m currently using some workouts from while I’m social distancing, it has a lot of workouts that are all free and don’t need any equipment to do.

This is some classic good exercise advice for LARP - LARP Hacks — PROCESS HACK: LarpFIT

Another thing I tried to get into last year and will be trying again this year is Zombies Run! 5K training which is free for the first 3 weeks of training. And this is a good NHS page on Couch to 5K - Couch to 5K: week by week - NHS.

Living in the middle of nowhere as we do, I have usually found running is the best option (although with recent changes in behaviour by the rest of the village, I might need to change route, as the main public footpaths are ironically more crowded than ever).

Tango dancing with my wife at lunchtimes is good for at least keeping a little active in the middle of the day too.

One thing I’m tempted to try is a set of sword fighting drills that a group I’m part of has linked to - the teacher is offering a drastically reduced price of £25 for the course, aimed specifically at practicing solo. I’m waiting for one of the rest of the group to give me a verdict about whether it is worth my time.

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I love Darebee, the forums are very welcoming and supportive if you need to ask questions. Make sure you start at an appropriate level and build up. They have two Foundation Courses which are the best place to start.

In terms of running, of C25K is too much to handle immediately you could try None to Run which is what I’m currently using. Also remember that you can walk and run slowly!

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In normal circumstances, I’d always recommend people’s local CrossFit gym - it massively changed and improved my physical fitness from basically nil to “zooming about in plate armour”. However, with gyms being closed and social distancing in full effect then you can do a whole lot of good with a kettlebell and a book called “Kettlebells For Dummies”, which is where I got started with it

Oh while I think of it please post your keeping fit spotify playlists as well if you have them :slight_smile: .

Since I can’t hit the gym for my usual workouts, I’ve been running outdoors …or, given I’m now living at the top of a hill, I gently careen downwards for about 15 mins, realize that I’ve got to back up that ruddy big hill, and resoundingly get myself lost trying to find a route back to the house that has the lowest gradient.

However, I’m coming at trying to keep my fitness up as I’m one of those strange people who doesn’t find Tough Mudder too bad. (And I live a good 40 min walk from the centre of Halifax, so it’s really, really quiet on the road if you start running early in the morning)

So, running and making the most of several yoga and high intensity interval training apps making their usually pay to play access free. (Down Dog is the yoga application I’m currently using which has an amazing selection of routines and levels from ‘absolute beginner’ to ‘quite advanced’)

I am planning on dragging the partner I live with out into the back garden to run fencing/HEMA drills over the weekend as well.

And in terms of workout playlists…I can’t seem to get Spotify to give me the links to the ones I’ve pulled together, but if you check out my profile (Squeek_D) I’ve got a number with an appalling selection of music over the 5+ ones present

They’re all largely either labelled with Run in the title or “Gym”

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Here’s a cross fit workout you can do from Home, you can get a e.g of Pike press up on YouTube as with the others.

Warm up
Run 200m maybe around the garden or on the spot. (if outside stay 20ft away from folks)
Burpee x5
Lunges x5
Instep x15
Squat x10
Lunge x10
J Lunge x 5
J Squat x 5
OH press up x10
PUP " x10
Pike " x5
Tri PUP x 5
Leg lift x10
Sit up x10
V - Up x 5
Rockets x 5
Please don’t over exert yourself, build it up slowly to this full regime. So do less at 1st. I’ll be at it once 100% . One day Upper next Lower etc.

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I think I might give some of the above a go. I live in a flat (so no garden) and in a built up area. So avoiding people outside is awkward. I also have little to no equipment.

What I have been doing is keeping a hand weight at my desk and using it while taking a break from work. No amazing but it’s better than nothing.

Also I imagine for those who own chain mail or heavy armour walking round in it could itself be decent exercise.

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