Larping objects of desire

So tell us of costume and kit that you have lusted after from afar for your Empire character, that perfect bit of armour, pouch, weapon or bit of soft kit, anything. Give us links and pictures so we can join you in appreciating it :slight_smile:.

I desperately, desperately want a custom gambi/chestpiece from Oak Stall. They are so reasonably priced for what they are and they’re still massively out of my price range but also LOOK


Part of me wishes I had seen this before buying my current Suaq coat. I love my current one but I saw this and loved it. Also it’s from a empire seller so it will taunt me every event haha.

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Im not sure if I really participate in this as I have poor impulse control so just spend on things. But as the proud owner of an oakstall. They are in outstanding and worth every złoty.

For me the piece of kit I always wanted was this oddly specific stag themed circlet from a US Etsy page. Saw it after my first empire event and it just seemed perfect. But couldn’t warrant it. Though two years later and the character is still alive and I got my self a real job so I decided to treat myself


Armstreet has so much larper-bait, but the one I keep returning to is this set:

(The irony being, for the same price I could probably buy the materials and pay for a babysitter so I had the time to make something like it myself. I’ve got the skills - I’m just not that organised!)


Chinese mountain armour… for plate that is a little different.


Something I have been lusting after, I don’t know if it exists but a coat that is similar to a brigandine down to roughly mid thigh, or just above the knee of leather scale.

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Like… this?
Or this?

Type thing?

More the first one so now I look like an idiot haha :slight_smile: thanks for sharing

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Nonsense! It’s the internet. Everything is out there somewhere.

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