League Camp Changes: E1

Copied over from Facebook.

:tada: :tada:++LEAGUE CAMP PLANNING++ :tada: :tada:

Hello lovely leaguers. Just an ickle wickle, teeny weeny, miniscule update about whats been going on with the whole camp planning situation.


To help with the issues many of you have informed me about, from being isolated and having not enough footfall for businesses, to difficulties reaching the features of anvil, and the lack of a ‘city feel’, we are now a lovely plump rectangular shape and have swapped with the Marches. Please make sure to send Will Stainforth, Will Power and Matthew Pennington lots of love for being so lovely about the whole thing!

So here’s the plan! This season, we’re going to have a central plaza, and I’ll be putting shops and bars and the theatre around this plaza, so that you can flip eachother off, perform, and interact on a scale that just wasn’t possible before. The guild tents will then be spreading out from behind them.

:point_right: I would like for anyone who has, or has guild members with accessibility requirements to message me directly (NOT IN THE COMMENTS) so that I can place their tents where they will be most complimentary to their needs. :point_left:

If you haven’t, please add your tents to the document ( https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wY63WT6v0neHrRndrJEqqSNK11R-x73Iu7fRwTRC9dQ/edit?usp=drive_web&ouid=113238329078172580144&fbclid=IwAR3j_sY38gtFNt2TnkZoQT9uktacRjliQL9ai8Ze4tlDxt538G6b_dUonA8 ).

Other than that, please be patient as this is quite the undertaking as I have to make a new map and work and the scales and (OHNOWHATHAVEIDONE?!?!?!) and all that stuff.

Please remember, as always, you can talk to me about camp planning both IC and OOC. I’ll try and get maps handed out to those who need them on the field, and will put down markers as required (though with this setup, i find it unlikely they’ll be needed).

Lots of love,

Andrew :slight_smile: